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ogio laptop bag

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Hey guys! Welcome to round two of our random giveaways here :) If your computer’s been sad lately and needing a nice cozy home, make sure to try and win this bag for him/her/it!

But first, a word from our sponsor… aka Bill from WealthWellDone.com who has donated this nice gift to us today, and who would like to share a little ditty about his blog and business. He even throws in a few tips about money too – what a gentleman!

Take it away, Bill…


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We started Wealth Well Done because we wanted to redefine wealth for a new generation.

Money has the power to solve some problems, but money can never solve the problems we have in our minds. We believe the secret to wealth is doing three things:

  1. Fixing the problems in your mind
  2. Saving and investing the money you make
  3. Using both this money, and your mind, to build the life you dream about

When I am not blogging at Wealth Well Done, I run my own independent sales business. I sell branded apparel to corporate accounts with their logo on it. I wholesale everything from Nike Polos, to thousands of screen printed T-shirts. A bonus in this industry is the never-ending supply of new clothing and products manufacturers send me to try out.

Ogio makes the best bags around, and I have a brand new Ogio computer bag I’d love to give away to a debt destroyer or frugal warrior or financial blogger out there who will appreciate a new bag without having to break the budget.

And if your business ever needs any logo’d up swag, I’d love to be your rep. I sell about 300K a year and 100% of my sales are either reorders from regular clients or referrals. Send an email to: bill @ wealthwelldone . com and I’ll get you all set up.


Want this new home for your computer?

Be a proud parent and tell us why he/she/it deserves it the most! What has it helped you accomplish over the years? What would you do without him/her? Does it have a name?

Here’s your chance to turn on the love faucet and show your appreciation for the one thing that you’d be lost without. Artificial intelligence is getting crazier and crazier these days, and the last thing any of us needs is them turning against us ;)

We’ll announce the winner next Wednesday morning, and we’ll be looking for the engine we think needs the most TLC from powering your life day in and day out. Get the gushing going!

WINNER: Congrats to Samantha for winning! We hope Lora’s new husband, Baggy 2.0, treats her better :)


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Jay is the founder of Rockstar Finance, and blogs about money over at BudgetsAreSexy.com. He loves all things finance, coffee, and hip-hop, and is the proud daddy of two beautiful little boys!

Last modified: April 5, 2017

16 Responses to :
★ Rockstar Giveaway: Ogio Laptop Bag

  1. For a long time Mr. Picky Pincher was a trouper and selflessly allowed me to blog from his laptop. It was obviously annoying, but we made it work. Fast forward to a visit at my Dad’s house, and I inherited a beat-up and cracked old Dell computer.

    This computer (which I’ve named Dale) has been the reason I can now do so much on the blog. It was SO hard scheduling time to blog or trying to blog from my phone. I’ve been wanting to get Dale a carrying case for a while now, but I couldn’t really justify the expense. It would be a lot easier to blog if I could safely carry Dale to work with me, so I can blog during lunch.

    True story, once I carried my computer to work in a small suitcase because I didn’t have a carrier for it. Everyone kept asking me if I was traveling for work and I had to awkwardly say, “Oh no, just carrying my laptop.”

    1. J. Money says:

      Hahahahahha… now THAT is funny.

    2. Great comment Ms. Picky Pincher. I knew there was someone out there who was exactly in your shoes: You could use a nice carrying case, but mentally couldn’t justify the cost (Even if you had more than enough cash in your checking account) Way to be frugal, and getting creative and making life work for you on your terms!

  2. Samantha says:

    I’m so proud of my little laptop, Lora. I’ve had her for years, and she’s so reliable no matter what hardships she has suffered. She is such a hard worker, and an independent woman ever since her piece of s&*t deadbeat husband left her. Her husband Baggy was always a good for nothing. I should have known, with how cheap he was. His strap broke continuously and he always resisted efforts of sewing. It was like he just never had any motivation to be better – the relationship was doomed from the start.

    Honestly I feel like Lora is better off without him – he just let her down so many times that she almost broke. But although she is strong enough on her own, it may be time for her to find a new love. Ogio may be the perfect fit. ;)

    1. J. Money says:

      Go Lora!!! Work it with your bad self!

    2. Mr. Ogio is handsome, strong, and full of class. I think Lora would fit really snugly inside his embrace. Good luck, and I hope Lora gets a chance to feel what a real bag can mean in her life!

  3. Cynthia says:

    My dear family have been joining (dragged) along with me on our quest to become more frugal for almost a year now. Sometime in between I no longer had a laptop provided to me by work and I have been on the hunt for an affordable replacement. Sooooo that means that in the meantime we are sharing the one laptop we have at home, my husband’s, between him, myself and our tween (our toddler also gets in on the action from time to time when were not looking!) Needless to say, our laptop has to do some heavy duty around our household and does take a bit of abuse transferring from one user to another. Its a hard knock life! I would like to provide it with a safe, snug home to escape the madness that is our family once in a while! I think the Ogio would be just the respite it needs.

    1. J. Money says:

      Haha, yeah it would :)

    2. I’m with J$! In a life full of business and madness, we all need a place to relax and chill a little! Imagine the Ogio bag as a nice little warm spa that your computer can escape to from time to time when it’s not working so hard for you.

  4. Kim Root says:

    I’d really love this for my son! He is almost 13 and an aspiring YouTube gaming star in the making. He inherited my old MacBook and his been furiously learning the ins and outs of YouTube recently. He has saved up his own money to purchase a decent mic for recording but still has to borrow a beat up old lap top bag from Dad when needed. He has lock stock and barrel bought into our frugal lifestyle so he is content with the hand me down computer and beat up laptop bag but it would be awesome to surpise him with a new bag just in time for the big 13th birthday!

    1. J. Money says:

      Oh man, at 13 too he is going to be sooooo smart as the technology keeps changing and changing! Good for him for getting interested in it, and so early!

    2. Cool! I remember when I was 13 and I loved cool, flashy, name brand things. That’s also pretty cool he bought into the frugal lifestyle, and the reason I chose to give this away, was because I knew someone who works so hard at saving their cash could enjoy something on the spendy side without having to break their bank for it.

      1. Kim Root says:

        Yep, he’s good at saving his money for a rainy day. We have them buy all their own electronics – they take better care of them that way and know how much things cost. Not much into the name brand stuff yet unless it is an Apple product!

  5. Hi Bill, Good to hear about you and your services. A road warrior like me could really use a new laptop bag. My old laptop bag has borne all the scars and is ready to give up the ghost. My faithful, powerful laptop – I call it the Voila (because it gives instant and accurate answers, without the emotional baggage) – needs a comfy home. However, if somebody under debt needs this more, I would be happy if they got instead of me. My love for laptop bags goes back over 15 years and I have cared for those caretakers, despite my hectic global travel.

    1. J. Money says:

      15 years is pretty impressive! I think 15 years ago was the last time I actually owned a laptop bag, haha… Mine goes in my trusty (padded) backpack now :)

  6. Thanks for commenting @tenfactorialrocks, and I love your generosity and the way you think about other people too. That goes a LONG way to succeeding in life. When we help other people, I have found, the world will just automatically help you back. And way to be frugal and make a bag last you 15 years! No reason to spend on new, when something you trust will do. But at the same time, there always comes a time when you have to retire the old, and replace with the new and better.

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