Monday Hits: Your Time Phase Allocation & How to Stop Worrying About Others

Don’t Look Back, You’re Not Going that Way

“I suspect almost none of us have considered our Time Phase Allocation.  Have You?

Since I just “invented” the word TPA, don’t worry if you haven’t thought much about it before reading these words. To make your job a bit easier, I’ve done a bit of legwork for you.”


The 10% Rule: Limiting Lifestyle Creep

“What I like about Dr. Turner’s approach is that he doesn’t say you can’t have more, he just tempers the amount of extravagance one can add at any one time.”


How to Stop Worrying About What Other People Think of You

“Most of us go through life with a general sense of who we are, and, in a lot of circumstances, that’s enough. We get by. But if you want to be your best while being less fearful of people’s opinions, you need to develop a stronger and much deeper sense of who you are.”


Financial Yo-Yoing

“Here’s an interesting trend I’ve noticed.

People who go hard for a while with their financials and then have an ‘eff this, life’s too short, I’m doing what I want moment.'”


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