Wednesday Hits: Lessons for Losing Money on a Home; Easier to Retire at 35?

10 Lessons I Learned Losing Money on My First Home

“Losing $10,000 wasn’t exactly what we had in mind for our first home, but to be honest, we were pretty fortunate. The market had tanked during the 3 years that we lived there, and many of our neighbors were in worse situations.”


I Quit, I’m Taking a Career Break

“Have I done my best? Yes. Have I given it time? Yes. Is it super disappointing? Yes. Am I scared? God, yes. Even though quitting was the best option of the options available, it’s accurate to say that I was terrified to make this call and make this leap.”


Student Loan Forgiveness

“Throw it all in an economic blender and you have something that we economists like to call the “bend over and take it” special. A bunch of colleges sitting around that don’t care about cost control with lots of federal money at their disposal, a captive market, and no competitors.”

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