Tuesday Hits: Are You Overlooking REITs?

How I Made $39,000 on Wheel of Fortune

“Yes, I am one of those lucky few who have won some extra spending money on a game show.  In my case, that show was Wheel of Fortune.”


Are You Overlooking REITs? Why They Deserve a Spot in Your Portfolio

“Despite surging 16% in 2019 while the stock market remained muted, REITs are not very well understood by the average investor. That’s a shame because they can be great investments. Legendary money manager David Swensen puts 20% of Yale’s $30 billion endowment into real estate.”


6 Years of Nearly Tax-Free Living

“These past 6 years I’ve worked to minimize our current and future tax burdens, legally and respectfully. Roth conversions, Capital Gain Harvesting, and zero-tax Roth contributions are all part of the tax optimization arsenal.”


A Look at March’s 20 Hottest Housing Markets

“Spring is typically the most active season in real estate, however, the broader housing market showed signs of slowing in March compared to a year ago despite some unexpected hot spots.

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