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The most popular posts across the last two months on this site. Check ’em out!

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Here are January and February’s most popular articles, based on clicks:

popular jan feb 1#1) The Ultimate List of Blogger Net Worth
Do you like seeing other people’s money? Here’s an [updated] collection of net worth totals from fellow personal finance bloggers.
popular jan feb 2#2) The Financial Planning Pyramid
“In order to develop a comprehensive financial plan, you need to start with the most basic of needs – cash flow. If your income doesn’t exceed your expenses, it’s impossible to save for the future.”
popular jan feb 3#3) Think of Your Money as Bricks, Not Fuel
“Being bad with money means you use discretionary dollars to buy good feelings. Being good with money means you use them to build a life situation that generates them every day.” –
popular jan feb 4#4) The Doubling Down Trick
“The principal is simple: Start out small and increase your efforts every month by a factor of two” –
popular jan feb 5#5) How to Find a Side Hustle
“If you think having a side hustle involves inventing the next big thing, then do yourself a favor and light all your money on fire now.”
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