Mortgages & The Banker’s Jar

“I respectfully submit to you that, if you have a large mortgage and you are not at least a little scared, then you do not fully understand your situation.”

“The bank manager takes out a jar. You have to leave behind one testicle in the Jar which is then locked away in the Banker’s safe for the 25 year mortgage term, along with all the others. Now you have future interest payments to meet. The other nasty side effect is this: If ever in your life you get the urge to do something risky, exciting, different or adventurous, chances are you will not because you won’t have the balls to do it. Somehow, to be a free man, you have to escape this trap.”

Check out this entire (interesting!) article here:

Hat tip to for showcasing this new blog – pretty interesting!

“Ball” mason jars by Patrick Q 😉

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