★ Rockstar Giveaway: Money Coloring Book :)


money coloring book

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Hey guys! The giveaways continue, and this week we help unleash the kid inside of you :) Or, depending on how sneaky you’re feeling, help you unleash the financial lessons on your kid as you surprise attack them!

“Hey son, here’s an awesome new coloring book for you – enjoy! While you’re doodling, I’ll be rattling off all the things I want you to be doing with your money now,  so when you’re my age you’ve got millions and millions of dollars!” Haha… If they don’t listen to that, there’s no hope ;)

This week’s giveaway is the money coloring book, “Cha-Ching!“, made by fellow financial literacy advocate and author, Sarah Li Cain.

She’s graciously offered up TWO copies of her coloring book for us this week, so everybody gets double the chances of winning – woo!

Here are some sample pages of the book:

money coloring pages

And here’s what else is inside:

  • Fun characters, such as Mr. Money Bags, a cool piggy bank, a dollar superhero and fairies
  • Inspiring money mantras to help you feel better about your money
  • One-sided pages so you can remove pages from the book to frame them and never worry about losing out on an image
  • Two of the same images printed (bringing it to a total of 60 images in the book) so you can experiment with different color combinations and mediums
  • A test page so you can try out color combinations before you commit to a coloring page

Sarah also just released a new (non-coloring) book titled, “The Authentic Budget on how to harness your personality to manage money on your own terms, so if you prefer that one instead, make a note in the comments below and I’m sure we can swap it in for you :)

Here’s a quick snapshot and blurb on that one too to help her get the word out:

the authentic budget book

“If you want to finally take matters in your own hands, then you need a plan that is specific to your needs. You need a way to manage money that is on your terms and around your life, not the other way around. In the book, The Authentic Budget: Harness your Personality to Manage Money Like a Pro on Your Terms, you’ll learn a step-by-step guide that teaches you how you can dig deep into your personality to find a successful money management system so you can achieve your money goals. Sarah Li Cain explains why using your values as your budgeting superpower is key to helping you spend less, save more and making money enjoyable again.”

How to win either of these books!

For a chance to win any of these two books, tell us a financial joke below in the comments along with which of the books you want ;) We’ll pick the ones that make us laugh the most, and then alert the two winners at the same time a week from now.

Good luck! And let the laughs being!!! No reason we can’t all act like kids now too, eh? I swear we’re getting worse and worse at it ever since becoming adults, ugh…

UPDATE: Congrats to our two winners this week! Ashley and Bam. You both had me cracking up :)


Big thanks to Sarah again for being up for some fun today. You can find her on her blog, HighFivingDollars.com, and she’s always looking for new freelance writing and story-telling gigs too. You can learn more about her services here. Congrats on the new book, friend!

PS: To see who won last week’s giveaway, click here.

PPS: All links to books above are Amazon affiliate links

Jay is the founder of Rockstar Finance, and blogs about money over at BudgetsAreSexy.com. He loves all things finance, coffee, and hip-hop, and is the proud daddy of two beautiful little boys!

Last modified: April 19, 2017

20 Responses to :
★ Rockstar Giveaway: Money Coloring Book :)

  1. Samantha says:

    Don’t expect to make a lot of money going into the pornography business. After all, you’re only making ends meet.

    I’d like the coloring book, thanks!

    1. J. Money says:

      haha… never heard that one before :)

  2. Nancy says:

    Q: What does one penny say to the other penny?
    A: Let’s get together and make some cents.

    1. J. Money says:

      I like how the first two jokes so far revolve around sex :)

  3. I don’t know any money jokes but I just wanted to say it’s super cool that Sarah made something like this. :)

    But what do you call an alligator in a vest?

    An InVESTigator.

    That joke actually got me a job once; true story.

    1. J. Money says:

      I’d hire you on the spot just for having the balls to TELL a joke at an interview!

  4. Erin says:

    Okay, here’s my sad attempt:

    Did you hear about the dry cleaner who’s been accused of money laundering? He’s ironing out a deal.

    I’d like the non-coloring book, please! All my currently still black and white coloring books will be mad if I add one more to the pile :P

  5. lindy says:

    Knock! Knock!
    Who’s there?
    Robin who?
    Robin’ you! So hand over your money!

    I’d like the Authentic Budget if I win…

    1. J. Money says:

      Totally telling that one to my kids when they wake up from their nap :)

  6. Jen D says:

    Okay I’ll play. The authentic money book looks really interesting. :)

    This has been one of my favorites lately, told to me by a raunchy coworker (I work with almost all dudes, the joys of engineering).

    A guy asks for a tattoo of a $100 bill on his penis. Curious, the tattoo artist asks him why he would possibly want that.
    He replies, “Three reasons: I like to play with my money, I like to watch my money grow, and $100 seems to be the only thing my wife will blow these days.”

    1. J. Money says:

      Wowwwww hahahha…

  7. Leslie Perreault says:

    Why did the hippie put his money in the refrigerator?
    He liked cold cash.

    Thank you, I’d like to win a coloring book :)

  8. Ashley says:

    I read this one in a personal finance book, though I can’t remember which one:

    On his deathbed a wealthy man gathered his priest, his accountant, and his lawyer together. He had spent his life amassing a fortune and he couldn’t stand the thought of being parted with it. He made each of them swear to withdraw 1/3 of his money and sneak it into his coffin at his funeral so that he would be buried with it. He died soon after.

    Following the funeral the three men were walking back to their vehicles and begin talking to each other about the deceased man’s odd request.

    The priest said “Forgive me, for I have sinned. I withheld 10% of my portion of his fortune from his coffin so that I could help the poor.”

    The accountant said “I too have not followed his instructions exactly. I withheld 20% of my portion of his fortune as compensation for my services.”

    The lawyer said “Shame on you both! I followed his instructions perfectly: I left a check for my full portion in his coffin.”

    I’d prefer the Authentic Budget.

    1. J. Money says:

      Okay, that was good :)

  9. Heather Hart says:

    What do you get if you cross a sorceress with a millionaire? A very witch person

  10. Bam says:

    A devastated-looking man knocks on the door of a woman known for her charity.

    “Please, ma’am,” he says when she opens up, “can you help this poor, tragic family down the block? The father just lost his job, and his wife is too ill to work. They’re about to be turned out into the cold streets unless someone can pay their rent.”

    “That’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard in my life!” says the woman. “May I ask who you are?”

    “I’m their landlord.”
    If I win, I’d like “The Authentic Budget”

  11. B.Watson says:

    Where does a fish keep his money?
    In a River-bank!

    (cheesy, I know! lol)

    1. J. Money says:

      Cheesy but oh so good!!

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