★ Money Challenge #4: Return, Re-gift, or Donate One Thing!

This is part of our Weekly Money Challenge series. Be sure to check off any you’ve missed!

I'm going to go waaaaaay out on a limb and guess you got a Christmas gift (or five!) you just don’t like or will never use. You're thinking of the gift right now aren't you?! You're also thinking about what to do with it :) Today we're giving you FULL permission to unload it before it turns into clutter.

This Week's Challenge: Return, Re-gift, or Donate One Present You Know for Sure Does Not Belong in Your House.

Here are your marching orders:

  1. Pick the item
  2. Return, re-gift, or donate it!
  3. Jump in the our forums and tell us what you got rid of and why?!

Personally, I got socks and cash and I'm NOT returning any of those! Haha! (Just don't re-gift any label makers :)) See you next week. We've got a great challenge lined up! – Derek, Master of Challenges **** PS: Curious to see how last week’s challenge went? Click here and scroll to the bottom.


Lot's of great returns, re-gifting, and donating. Here's a few of the best ones from the Rockstar Finance Forums. Sometimes it's a matter of fashion...

My husband and I got some sweaters from my mother-in-law that were...not quite our style. So we donated them to a local nursing home yesterday so the residents can have new sweaters and stay warm.

J. Money is donating the ice cube tray he got in his stocking, but he's keeping the boxers! (I don't blame him.) Sometimes you can re-gift the same gift for years and years and probably have more fun that way.

Many years ago my brother gave me a really bad paperback book for my birthday. I couldn't finish it, it was that bad. So for his birthday I wrapped it up and gave it back to him. He returned the favour that Christmas. This has been going on, backwards and forwards, for nearly 20 years now. I found out recently that he didn't even buy the book to begin with, he found it left behind on the bus.

Cat socks, what can you do?

I'm re-gifting some cat socks my mom gave me to a friend. I'm also re-gifting some hand wipes and a bag that I won online, since I have more than enough to spare!