Monday Hits: Making the Most of Retirement

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Why Office Environment Trumps Good Pay When Choosing a Job

Imagine you have two job offers. One job pays very well but your impression is that the office environment is not great. The other job pays less than the first one, but you like the modern feel of the offices, the ergonomic design of the office furniture and the open spaces where colleagues chat and have coffee. Which job would you choose and why?”

Kiva Loans: My Charity Loan Status

“I’ve loaned to 45 of the 77 countries they operate in. I have added some over time as I donate a few bucks to Kiva to keep it all going. Today, I made my 120th loan. I do not earn money here, but I do help people all over the world.”

Five Lessons to Help You Make the Most of Retirement

“If you have a Type A personality, you will feel some anxiety thinking about what you’ll do after retiring. I think everybody worries about that. And the truth is, not everyone enjoys retirement. One poor guy told me he’s basically miserable and misses his job. Since retiring, he sits around and watches TV all day.”

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