Monday Hits: Living on $1,500 in NYC & IRS Audits

Today's Features

My Taxes Are a Little Creative, What Are the Chances of Being Audited?

"Now that I’ve raised your heart rate, allow me to lower it again. You will almost certainly never be audited. Approximately 245,000,000 people file income taxes in America every year. In 2017, the IRS audited about 0.5% of them. That’s the lowest number in 15 years."

How I Live on $1,500/mo in NYC

"I have made an average of $44,500 a year before taxes over the past 5 years, which has ranged from salaries of $24,000 to $75,000. Despite the general high tax rate and high cost of living, I have managed to save my first $100,000 after 4 years of living and working in the Big Apple."  

China's Stock Market Continues to Lead Global Rally

"Feeding into the bullish trend is encouraging economic reports for China published April 16th, along with fresh optimism that a trade deal for the US and China may be near."  

How to Change Negative Thinking Patterns for Good

"While negative thinking can feel completely automatic and outside our control, with the right practice and techniques, you can learn how to re-train your mind’s habitual way of thinking and free yourself from the burden of negative self-talk. In this guide, I’ll walk you through exactly what Cognitive Restructuring is and what it looks like."