Monday Hits: From 33¢ Pasta to $100k in Savings

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Today’s Features

From Putting 33¢ Pasta on Credit to $100k in Savings

Writing this post has been the first time I’ve gone back and looked at those old records and really thought about how I got to $100,000 saved. There’s more to say about the how, but I want to sit on it a little while and let it simmer before I write that.


The Barbell Guide to Buying Quality Stuff

“For this latest installment of ‘barbells in everything’, I hereby propose the barbell strategy for stuff: buy the very best-in-class for a small set of items, buy the cheapest possible version of everything else, and avoid the middle ground altogether.”


Five Mistakes People Make After Retirement

“If you want to bet against statistics, then ignore your social security benefits. But the math indicates that even if nothing were done to alter the current system, you’d still have roughly three-quarters of your originally expected benefit.


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