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Rockstar Content – The new side of Rockstar Finance

Rockstar Finance is known for curating the best personal finance articles from around the Internet. Our mission is to find the best, share the best and provide focused and unique value within the personal finance community. Today, we are officially expanding our operations to include Rockstar Content.

What is Rockstar Content?

Rockstar Content is in-house content that we share right here on Rockstar Finance. These aren’t curated articles. Similar to our bloggers resource, they are fully-hosted articles about personal finance and mastering your money lifestyle.

Who’s writing Rockstar Content? The majority of Rockstar Content is written by a combination of our internal Rockstar team and special guest writers that we’ve reached out to.

How can you stay updated on Rockstar Content? We will be including Rockstar Content in the daily curated emails that we send out to our growing list of nearly 10,000 email subscribers. If you aren’t already subscribed, consider subscribing right now. We’re confident that you won’t regret it.

Where is Rockstar Content? We’ve designed a new area for Rockstar Content. Also, we will include these posts within our daily curated emails on the days that they are published as well as in the daily featured post slot on Rockstar Finance.

Introducing Rockstar syndication opportunities

The biggest new feature of Rockstar Finance is the new syndication platform that we are building that will tie into our Rockstar Content system. Syndication is a common way to share full articles and blog posts with the intention of spreading a message to a wider audience. Major media publications like CNBC, CBS MarketWatch and Yahoo! Finance use this technique often, and today, so is Rockstar Finance.

What is syndication? Syndication means that we’re republishing an entire article on our website. As a part of this, we will include at least two backlinks to the original source, and each syndicated article will come with a canonical link that points to the original. Most syndicated posts and original blogs receive a good amount of traffic due to Rockstar’s wide audience.

If you’re a blogger and would like to be a part of our new syndication platform, join the Rockstar Forums and see this thread for more details.

Remember: Our top priority at Rockstar Finance is quality. Just like with our curation features, we only select from among the best. By joining our syndication platform, there is no guarantee that we’ll syndicate your material. We only consider the best and highest quality content from blogs within the community. We look for content that our audience will enjoy as well as content that represents YOU the best.

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