Interactive Offers Saves The Oxford Club Nearly 40% on CPA with New Strategy

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The following details a case study where Interactive Offers helped a client, The Oxford Club, deliver strong business results.

At The Oxford Club the mission is simple, to help members grow and protect their wealth. Sure, everyone has a personal definition of what wealth means to them, but for The Oxford Club the definition involves creating and preserving a rich life. How can one do this? Build on more than financial capital—build on social and intellectual capital as well.

Enriching one’s life involves the financial freedom to experience it at its fullest, namely during retirement—a period when many have the time for social and intellectual growth but lack the finances.

The Oxford Club’s Chief Investment Strategist, Alexander Green, has developed a proven strategy for how to retire on a single stock. The problem? This message has been marketed inefficiently and ineffectively—at a high cost and to a relatively small audience.

Here’s how Interactive Offers stepped in to dramatically improve ROI by delivering Green’s message to a thoroughly vetted, highly engaged audience.


The Oxford Club was running their marketing on a CPA (cost per acquisition) basis and paying publishers a hefty $150 per conversion. Since they had become accustomed to paying per conversions, which took out most of the risk, they were hesitant to adopt a CPC (cost per click) marketing strategy.

The biggest disadvantage to an CPA campaign is surprisingly not even the high cost, but increased volatility in earnings. Yes, an advertiser only pays for completed transactions, but it is possible that days could pass without a single conversion—even with serving numerous ads and generating tons of clicks. The CPA model was simply not providing enough exposure for this content-led, direct response campaign to reach its full potential.


Interactive Offers teamed up with The Oxford Club and employed their CPC marketing strategy. CPC campaigns are a great way to monetize if you have access to an audience that your ad is likely to resonate with.

Interactive Offers primarily works with financial publishers to ensure that advertisers within the financial vertical are exposed to high quality, targeted audiences.

Unlike the CPA campaign, this campaign:

  • Reached a larger audience
  • Received an immediate delivery of quality, targeted traffic to the landing page
  • Had more budget control
  • Had a measurable ROI

Interactive Offers vets each individual publisher, sending out test campaigns and looking for signs of click fraud before guaranteeing the business. Therefore, they were able to provide The Oxford Club with full transparency and honest, measurable conversions—instantly knowing what works and what does not.


The Oxford Club’s campaign was a huge success, as Interactive Offers significantly lowered the CPA by utilizing CPC. The CPC model dropped the CPA to as low as $90—this saved The Oxford Club nearly 40% when considering the $150 CPA they were paying previously.

Interactive Offers’ thorough publisher vetting process and click fraud policing proves that their campaigns save clients more than money, but take uncertainty out of the equation as well.

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