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What’s up, hustlers! Got a good one for y’all today, courtesy of my friend David Carlson, author of the book, Hustle Away Debt: Eliminate Your Debt by Making More Money.

I’ve been wanting to do something around hustling here for weeks, as it’s something that’s completely changed my OWN life over the years (who woulda thought you could be a professional blogger?). So when I came across David’s book again while reading his blog, I thought I’d ask if he’d be open to giving out a few copies of it. He obliged, and now here we are passing on the good word!

So a) thanks for being up for it, David! And b) get ready to answer another fun question for your chance to win one of these THREE copies down below πŸ˜‰

But first, here’s a quick summary of it per Amazon:

Hustle Away Debt, Carlson’s new book, gives millennials drowning in debt – student and otherwise – a lifeline. Carlson details his secrets to getting out of debt through the concept of β€œside hustles.” He shows how side hustles can help you develop new sources of income that allow you to pay off debt faster. He also shows how this can lead you to explore new fields you might not have otherwise worked in and how you can pick up useful skills for your full-time job – all while developing your earning potential to the fullest.

I’ve never really thought about it in terms of picking up new skills and enhancing your 9-5 like that, but I’ll agree 100%. Out of the 68 hustles I’ve featured on my own blog series over the years, they definitely seem to bring much more to the table than just money. Especially when you can find something you’re *passionate* about and would probably do for free anyways!

But today’s not about doing anything for free or for fun, it’s about shedding all that debt once and for all and finding new streams of income. So if this is a book you think can help you with that, answer the following question below and you’ll be entered to win a copy!

What’s one of the craziest, or highest paying, side jobs you’ve ever done?

I’ve done over 40 jobs in my lifetime, some full-time but mostly on the side, and here are a few of the ones that stand out for me πŸ™‚

  1. Sandwich maker ($8/hour – you know those pre-made sandwiches you can buy at 7-eleven or wherever? People like me stood in gigantic refrigerators for 8 hours a day making them for you.)
  2. Stamp Factory Drone ($10/hour – that time when I was on an assembly line with a hundred others making sure all the stamps were coming out and packaged okay. The crazy part though was that none of us were allowed to have pockets on our clothes to prevent theft! Because a stash of stamps could literally be worth hundreds of dollars!)
  3. Totaled Car Washer ($5/car – Did you know auction houses sell off totaled cars? Did you know if you spend 15 mins cleaning and vacuuming them first they actually sell for hundreds of dollars more? (Even though they’re the same pile of crap?))

It’s pretty interesting how many random jobs are out there πŸ™‚ Time to share one of yours!

UPDATE: Here are our 3 winners this week! House cleaner Jennifer, clam digger Patrick and bug buster, OthalaFehu. Enjoy your books, hustlers!


PS: You can learn more about David and his book on his blog,
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41 replies on “β˜… Rockstar Giveaway: “Hustle Away Debt” Book(s)”

A dodgy travel companion in Tokyo cleaned out my wallet leaving me stranded. A local female friend of a friend offered to loan me enough money to get back to my home base on one condition… I meet her at the Ramada for some kinky shenanigans. Not really a sustainable side gig but got me back on the road.

My best side hustle so far included running a gambling syndicate that took advantage of free and bonus bet offers. At its peak I was making several thousand a week but got sloppy a few times and legal threats started to roll in.

Not sure why those are both vice-related… back on the straight and narrow now though!

I’d highly recommend caddying as a side hustle for those that know golf. The last two years I’ve averaged $12.5K in a 6 month period, per year (Spring and Summer). It helped me to pay off my two biggest debts, and I’m now debt free because of it πŸ™‚ Planning on doing it again once Spring rolls around.

The craziest side hustle I’ve ever had is being a security guard for a Ukrainian sweet 16 party. It was a bunch of fun, paid surprisingly well, and you can’t imagine the ways kids will try to sneak booze into a party Haha!

Yeah…I think it’s because it’s a hustle you hear about through the grape vine. I’ve never seen a formal job posting for a caddying position (correct me if I’m wrong). You just show up to a golf course and ask if they need caddies or not.

Craziest side hustle I’ve ever had was my band. We actually opened for RHCP one year! Okay… that isn’t true, but it’d be pretty awesome!

No crazy side hustles, but I used to get paid close to $40/hour (including tip, and I always got a tip πŸ˜‰ ) to lead birthday parties at a gymnastics gym I coached at. They were super easy, relatively fun, and paid wonderfully.

Not really a side job, but a temp position while I was looking for regular employment. I worked for a fulfillment company. I spent 8 hours collating flyers about different insurance plans that were sent out to state employees. It was pretty boring, but I could zone out and think about other things.

I also had a one-off gig in college where I had to wear this crazy “hat” (it was really almost more of a dollhouse, huge and made of wood) on my head and lead a group from the Young Presidents Club from a hotel to another location in another part of town. Random and bizarre, but I made some money to keep me afloat in college.

Cleaning houses prior to selling/ listing/ renting! Depending on the size of the home and how clean/ dirty they are you can easily make $150-$500 for an afternoon.

Helps to know a few real estate agents or property managers/ landlords but honestly the way I started was I went into a local real estate office, gave them a business card I got for cheap off of one of the online printing websites, and told them I would give them a great rate to try me out.

Once they tried me out and saw the type of work I did, I started getting referrals to other real estate agents and property managers while charging the full price.

A side hustle that developed from this was cleaning up foreclosures for the banks. My husband has a dump trailer that we use for our business and it comes in handy for loading up all the stuff people tend to leave behind in and taking it to the trash dump.

You would be amazed at the stuff people leave behind: family pictures, scrap books, love notes, thousands of dollars worth of clothing and books. It’s crazy.

YES!!! Awesome!! I believe it too – people are such slobs and probably don’t even know what they have in their houses after a while πŸ™ Smart to offer cheap services to get them hooked and referred πŸ™‚

Everyone loves a good deal and a job well done!

It always killed me on the foreclosures with things left behind too because you know they most likely had money problems to be going through foreclosure so to see them leaving all this money behind in clothing and furniture and everything else killed me. They could have done a yard sale if nothing else!

Bookkeeper for an orthopedic surgeon. Negotiated pay up from initial Craigslist add from $20/hour to $31.25/hour for 8 hours a week (and convinced him to pay me a flat weekly fee of $250 instead of pay by the hour). I do the work in about 3.5 hours/week now (actual hourly rate of $71/hour). I also do it while at my other job, since I have a lot of freedom (Director of Finance at another company). Adding this extra income straight to my SEP-IRA and paying down mortgage!

I make a little bit of extra money each month by helping out a horse barn a couple of days each week, walking horses from their stalls to their pastures in the morning and then back to their stalls for the evening.

So, the side hustle itself was not too crazy, but the people I worked for were!

I spent a few Saturdays one year helping a couple pack up their house. They were moving to Texas for a few years and decided to live in an RV while they did, then retire, come back, buy a house and unpack all their belongings.

It did not take long before I realized that these people were hoarders and were completely and utterly attached to material possessions, especially trinkets and random little items. We were instructed to take extreme care not to harm ANYTHING as we packed old McDonald toys, random figurines, and shelf after shelf of junk. Pure, useless junk. The level of attachment to all this “stuff” that the couple had accumulated throughout their lifetime scared me so much that I would come home and start purging my closet in an attempt to make sure I would never end up so attached to material possessions!

All in all- it was a great side hustle… it not only paid me a few bucks but it taught me a few lessons on detachment from material possessions that I will never forget!

I wonder if they ended up changing their ways after living in an RV for a while?? That seems pretty hard to do if you’re a hoarder! (Or maybe they knew they needed a change so were trying it out to see what would happen??? I want to know the end of the story!!! :))

Sandwich maker? That’s a new one to me. πŸ™‚ In high school I signed up to run spotlights for shows and got $65 a gig! Not a bad deal, really. πŸ™‚ Another side hustle I’m pondering is baking organic doggie treats. We have a lot of dog boutiques in our area, so there’s definitely a market for it. It would be a good way to monetize a love of baking!

I don’t usually admit to this but, for you, here goes. I dressed up as Barney for a kids birthday party. Yep, a big, furry, purple dinosaur complete with the song and the dance. Ok, ok, that’s enough laughing! I made $125 bucks that day but I don’t think that was enough for my dignity and that small piece of my soul that I will never get back.

My favorite side hustle was selling newspapers to NASCAR fans in the morning hours of race day. It seemed like everyone wanted a newspaper to read about the upcoming race or to have something to do to kill time before the race started.

I used to work as a wildland fire fighter in the summer and a ski instructor in the winter where I would also work ing the ski shop at night. I would work 16 hours a day for 23 days a month so I could have 7 days straight off every month.

Nothing too crazy here, I have tried a lot of side hustles over the years. I have been surprised many times by what people are willing to pay for e.g. lolly bar attendant at a wedding – stand there and smile while people help themselves to lollies (candy).
The most lucrative I have done recently is be paid $120 for an hour of my time to discuss university degrees and if they add value to a resume. Other similar market research pays well here too so I’m always happy to provide my opinion for $

I think I would have had more fun handing out candies to people than coupons when I was a “greeter” working for Old Navy back in the day…. It was fine when I was doing it in Virginia where everyone is friendly, but not so much in the middle of New York City haha… Nor warm during the cold winter months in front of that door that kept opening up every second!

Over the summer I did some “extra” work… as an extra on Chicago Fire! The money was okay and it was well catered, and it was pretty cool seeing myself on TV. But the hours are long and that makes it hard to commit to working as an extra regularly- I was on set for 12 HOURS (mostly down time) and they regularly last 16-20 hours. That uncertainty makes it not quite worth it for me. Great experience though!

Ok so my side hustle consistent of getting a part time job at Sephora 20 hours a week making $15.00 hourly, on top of my 40+ hours a week at a hospital. My part time allowed me to start an additional 401K and pay off some credit card debt, student loan debt, start an emergency fund, and the icing on the cake was having breathing room between pay checks. I would get paid every week between both jobs. The perks are great, I received product as gratis so I never really ever have to purchase make up along with the store discount!!’ I even have been able to meet new clients to make even more side money per event!!! The experience is everything, I am able to be creative and follow a passion… the long hours and sacrifice of weekends is worth the reward if financial advancement and security!!!! Hustle Hard

Clam digger. I would wake up at 5am when the tide was low in August and ride my boat out to a sandbar and dig in the mud, filth, and stench of the bottom of the bay for clams to sell. At about 10am, the gnats and green heads would come out making it next to unbearable to work because of their biting at my face. I’d have to wear a hood because it would get so bad. You’re basically in the meadows when it’s 95 degrees out in a wetsuit getting destroyed by bugs and the occasional stingray or crab to make a buck.. It’s no fun, but hey it paid well. How’s that for a side hustle?

I thought you were joking for a second there, but that’s pretty detailed!! I think you need to win one of these books just for going through that! Haha….. Man that is random.

Craziest side hustle I’ve ever done is cleaning state offices after hours. I already had a full time job, but this was done on the side and after hours. One time I was cleaning an office and had left the door unlocked and the police came in to see what we were doing. We learned to lock the door after that.

I did a crazy side hustle in a plastics recycling factory. They would grind plastic down to these tiny pellets or powder which was then converted to toothpaste tube and shampoo bottles. But between the powder and pellets production I had to climb into this giant tank down a makeshift ladder and clean out the tanks with hoses and brushes. This place constantly smelled like burnt plastic at a very strong level. I can’t imagine breathing in burnt plastic for hours at a time can be good for you. Six months was all I needed to pay of an auto loan I had and then I left.

2 entries, ages 9-12

The first business I ever started was β€˜Bug Busters’. This was the 1980’s when Suburban America was smack in the middle of an unparalleled β€˜Japanese Beetle Bug’ infestation that was reeking havoc on the yards of this once great land. To be clear, I am talking about the time before the Green and Yellow bags you put in your yard from the hardware store that virtually wiped the little bastards out inside of a year. There was no chemical cure in sight and it was driving our Dads to tears watching their once green lawns turn brown with clumps of mating beetles.

Have no fear for β€˜Bug Busters’ was there. I would knock on your door and for $5 cash in hand I would troop around your yard, filling my bucket of hot soapy water with all of your little Asian invaders until we were both satisfied that I had killed a worthy amount for the price paid. I even had a T-shirt made up with Gold lettering on a Blue background with a picture of ants (no readily available image of the true enemy at the time, this was before Al Gore invented the internet).

The second business was also a service provided to those in need. I would go to Bingo halls with a very specific target population in mind. I looked for the ladies playing a minimum of six cards simultaneously. Then I tried to narrow down which ones looked most likely to be in need of a snack from the concession stand. I would offer my concierge services. Everybody got something, she got her nachos and I got a tip. The perfect symbiotic relationship.

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