★ How to Declutter Your Life in 84 Seconds

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I caught this video from RethinkingTheDream.com (who found it on BuzzFeed), and just like last week’s video on poor debt-ridden Stanley Johnson, I rushed to share this with you too :) That’s when you know something’s good – you want to hurry up and pass it around!

The video speaks for itself (and is only 1:48 long), but in case you need some convincing to hit play, here’s what it’ll cover. And not in a way you’d expect :)

How to Get Rid of…

  • Books you’ll never read again
  • Old sports equipment you never use
  • Old Halloween costumes
  • Old cds (after ripping them, of course)
  • Old electronics
  • Clothes you never wear anymore
  • Old stuff from pets
  • Old IDs you’ll never need again (not to teens)
  • Old condiment packets from your fridge
  • Out old birthday cards
  • Old sports trophies
  • Unnecessary cheap Swedish furniture
  • Dumb novelty gifts

The best video you’ll see today:

On a more serious note, do try and get rid of stuff you don’t need this weekend, will ya? Find 5 things to trash/donate and then come back here and tell us what they were.

We’ll congratulate you with e-beer ;)

6 thoughts on “★ How to Declutter Your Life in 84 Seconds”

  1. LMAO!!! Where was this video on May 1st? It would have made “getting rid of 500 things in 31 days” so much easier! Not there yet, so maybe I’ll incorporate a few of the video’s tips.

    Thanks for the Friday Funnies J$.

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