Here are 8 unique ways to save money in 2019 that you probably haven’t thought of

Saving Money

By: Alexander |

Do you know Lucifer Morningstar, the main character from the TV series Lucifer? He is regularly asking a crucial question, “What is it that you truly desire?”

If you just happened upon this article and your answer to Lucifer’s question is, “I am looking for a standard list on how to save money”, then you should skip this list.

However, if you are looking for unique ways to save money in 2019, you found the right place.

Let’s have some fun by saving money with this 8-point plan:

Pay yourself a salary with your salary

As soon as you receive your salary from your employer, pay yourself as if you were the CEO of your own company. To do this, open an account with another bank and transfer a sizeable amount each month.

To feel good, use a subject in the bank transfer that motivates you. This is not only good for the ego, but also good for your savings rate.

Abandon your TV

For a lot of people, this probably sounds like a radical step toward saving money. Maybe you’re thinking the goal here is to sell the TV or avoid the On-Demand cable or satellite subscription fees. No, I’m talking radical.

How often have TV commercials led you to believe that buying a specific deodorant will have women chasing after you? Or that you deserve an 80-inch television for Christmas because the 70-inch you possess now just doesn’t have the same innovative technology and features, when really it does?

Stop being a victim of advertisers and forget you even own a TV! Stop watching television or, for extra credit, just ditch the sucker altogether. 

Practice patience

Impulsive purchases are often the ones that turn out to be regretful. Put a limit on larger purchases and set a 30-day reminder to gauge whether you should spend the money or not.

In most cases, after 30 days you probably won’t even remember why you wanted to buy the gadget.

Sleep at the airport

Are you planning another trip? Is the flight with a stopover much cheaper than the direct flight? If you decide to book a hotel, the hotel will end up costing as much as you saved by choosing the stopover flight.

How can you wisely save money in this situation? Quite simply, sleep in the airport.

Think back to the time when you slept outdoors or in a place other than your own. When you’re at the airport, look for a quiet place, and make yourself at home.

Two things that will help make this idea more comfortable are noise-canceling headphones and an eye mask. If you haven’t got headphones, then earplugs are the smart alternative.

Sleep in the car on long car rides

It doesn’t always have to be a flight. Sometimes the potential to save money lies right in front of your eyes, even on smaller trips, as it was some years ago.

As a student, when we made one of our west coast road trips, it was enjoyable to be able to sleep in the car and experience the sunrise from some amazing locations.

Sure, we learned that guarded parking lots were patrolled and we were shooed away from these places every now and then, but it was worth a try. If you can save $100 per night, it allows you a bigger budget during the day.

Also, if the location isn’t that important to you, maybe you can spend the night in a parking garage. And if there’s a spot available on the roof, you’ll have a room with a view.  

Freeze the fruit juice from a can of food

You know how it is. The weekend has arrived and you are sure to get a visit from your friends. Why not satisfy them with a freshly baked fruit pie?

Instead of pouring out the juice from a can of fruit, use it to enhance the taste of the pie filling. Of course, you will still have a lot of fruit juice left over, but don’t pour it down the drain.

Freeze it. There is always space in the freezer. You could make ice cream out of the juice, add it to a jam, or even create a fresh cocktail.

Make pet food yourself instead of buying it from a retailer

I know, if you are an animal enthusiast, your hair is standing on end right now. Not without reason, pets often get higher quality food than the owner allows for himself. The food standard for pets is very high.

People strive to buy chicken for less than $1 while their pet often eats a small snack for $2. Why not buy the tasty leftovers from the butcher around the corner? With a little creativity, you can make delicious food for your cat or dog.

Take a look at the list of ingredients from the retail products and create the ultimate recipe. Who knows, your beloved pet just might find it tastier than the expensive food from the store.

Make yourself aware of how much your time is worth

Let’s say you’re the mega savings guy. You spend hours researching what discount stores can save you 20 cents for a certain product. After 3 hours of research, you have a shopping list with four discount stores instead of one shopping center.

You have calculated that you can save at least 10%. If you spend $150 per weekend then hey, you’ve saved $15. Pretty cool, right? Not at all! You drive to 4 different shops. Because in some shops the offers are already sold out.

Led by frustration, you end up buying the expensive alternative products. You consume more fuel because you’ve driven 20 more miles than necessary. You’ve spent 3 hours doing free research, whereas your job pays you $40 an hour. Also, after shopping, you are upset because you just realized that you have forgotten a few things.

Moreover, you realize that you accidentally bought food that has already passed its expiration date. All in all, you’ve paid on top.

Your time is worth more than you think!

Final thoughts

Saving money is by no means limited solely to traditional methods such as using coupons in the nearest retail store. It is much more important for all of us to think creatively and save money even where we do not expect any savings at first.

I am sure that you also have creative ideas and I look forward to your comments. I will also be pleased if you find the time to visit my blog. I love to write about investing, trading and the latest technological trends, along with some creative ways of making money.

Last modified: December 3, 2018

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Here are 8 unique ways to save money in 2019 that you probably haven’t thought of

  1. Cheryl says:

    OMGosh I am ahead of the curve. We have been making our own dog food since the vet told us our little chihuahua doesn’t have many teeth. A few days later she choked on her dry kibble, small kibble. Literally was choking. I was afraid we were going to have to try the Heimlich maneuver. Luckily she choke/coughed and out it came.

    Whew! We looked up a recipe and made a gob! She’s very happy!

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