★ Hashtag Hustle

If you've ever heard a personal finance rap song, there's a good chance Matt Giovanisci is the guy who wrote it. Matt writes a lot about the world of online entrepreneurship (words he hates) and working for himself (words he loves), and he makes #boss videos for all of his sites. This rap breaks down what it is us online hustlers really do ;)

Check it out (3m 25s)!

[Direct video here if you can't see it]

Our favorite part:

I’m on the road to success. Every day, don’t even have to get dressed. I work from home, I’m... I’m never stressed. Logging into WordPress, Yes, I’m obsessed! I’m so fine, got talent coming out my spine. I’m on time, got a meeting with my mastermind. I’m number one on Google, nobody can off me. I’m smoother than the butter in my bulletproof coffee.

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