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Heyo! Time for another giveaway up in this joint! This time around we partner with my good friend and fellow blogger, Phil Taylor – founder of not only one of the OG blogs from back in the day,, but also our industry’s yearly conference – FinCon.

What is FinCon? Oh, only *the* best place to go for anyone at all interested in financial blogging, podcasting, speaking, writing, chatting, hustling, learning, hanging, or just plain ol’ PARTYING with some of the most interesting people in our space. No biggie.


You don’t have to be a blogger to go there (in fact, many people go to *learn* how to blog or grow a financially-related business), but you do need a ticket before they’re sold out.

Which leads us to today’s giveaway – A FREE TICKET TO FINCON! *Gasp*

Yup, PT is offering one of you fine ladies/’gents a ticket of a lifetime, so if you’ve ever wanted to go and were too cheap frugal to pony up the dough, now’s your chance 😉 I’ll even throw in a hearty handshake upon arrival as I have yet to miss one myself.

This year’s conference will be in Dallas, TX on October 25th-28th, 2017, and it’s shaping up to be another great one as we just lined up Darren Rowse of ProBlogger fame to the keynote speaker lineup. One of the very first, and most successful, bloggers in the entire world! Pretty awesome!

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*** PT is also offering Rockstar readers an extended 10 days of the Spring Sale, where you can grab your (basic) ticket for only $269 compared to the normal $469 it’ll be for everyone else going forward. So if you don’t win this giveaway and still really want to go, make sure you pick up a ticket before the next 10 days are over and save the $200 while you can. Just enter code “Rockstar” when checking out in the order form.***

Now to the giveaway!

For a chance to win a free FinCon ticket, tell us *why* you want to go in the comments below, as well as what blog or business/idea you’re hoping to advance while there.

We’ll randomly select the winner a week from today, and then I’ll see your smiley face in person in about 7 months 🙂 GOOD LUCK! And big thanks to PT again for hooking us up!

To learn more about FinCon, visit

(UPDATE: Congrats to Lena T. for winning!!! See you there, new friend!)

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70 replies on “★ Rockstar Giveaway: A Free Ticket to FinCon!”

I want to go to rub elbows with the stars of the FIRE community. If I ever did start a blog it would probably focus on travel hacks and last minute travel deals and mistake fares.

Pick me! I want to be around the savviest financial bloggers, YouTubers authors and podcasters for three days in October. (And I appreciate the offer of a hearty handshake.)

I went to a similar event in Canada a few years back and loved it. I would SO enjoy getting to meet many of the US PF bloggers and find ways to build an even better blog.

I would LOVE to go to this. I started my blog this January and am so inspired by the success of other PF bloggers. I’d love to be able to meet and share ideas with others who are so interested in changing the lives of others through finances.

I would like to connect with real estate investors and ask questions on how they got started and advice on out of state REI.

I want to unveil my New Hot Tip for saving Thousands of $$$.

Behold the ‘RULE OF 3’!!!

What is the rule of 3 you ask? come closer and I will tell you…..

3 squares of toilet paper, maximum under ANY circumstances!

sit back and watch the savings pile up!

Now you’re spouse may leave, but let’s face it, they were holding you back

The ONLY difference between you and the 1% is that they follow the ‘Rule of 3’ and you don’t

What are you waiting for?

Send me to FinCon!

One of my besties (Kitchen Table Finance) just launched her site and will be going to FinCon. I’d love to go and learn with her!

My big idea? Keep it Simple, Working Mama – a resource that will help working mothers with finance, simplicity, and redefining what success looks like for them. It will also be part confessional as I blog the lessons I’m learning and my debt payoff.

I have been interested in personal finance for a few years now. I am starting my career out and I have learnt so much from this community. I dont have anyone in my physical life to talk finance with. This community of virtual friends have kept me sane and focused for so many years. It would be nice to meet atleast some of you in person. FinCon to me is the equivalent of ComiCon. I would wait in line ups just talk to some of you guys.

I am interested in early retirement in Canada and I have to say, its fairly spare in blogosphere when it comes to practical info about this. I would love to start a blog that focuses on FIRE in Canada. I am in the process of coming up with a name and registering a domain. Stay tuned!

I bought my ticket to FinCon back during the Fall Sale (woop woop!), but I’d love to bring Mr. Picky Pincher along for the ride. I want to partner with other bloggers to do better guest posting. I’d love to partner with brands to bring better affiliate programs to my readers–which means I can stop using annoying display ads.

This can’t be a better opportunity for myself to attend FinCon. I was recently laid off and I’ve been motivating myself to use my creative input to do a vlog on personal finances. The advice and networking opportunities at FinCon would be as good or better than all the episodes I heard JMoney with Paula Pant on their podcast!

Hah, indeed! J. Money and Paula will both be there too 😉 I hope you do start that vlog either way though – there’s not many people in our community doing that so you’d already have a good shot at standing out! DO IT!!

I have been obsessed with Personal Finance since I gave up on my career as a vet two semesters into college and eventually landed in the Accounting program. I have educated myself about all things PF for over two decades, and am finally working on launching a blog and pursuing a career more oriented toward the personal side of things (although I do geek out on accounting for businesses as well). I would love, love, love to come to FinCon and soak up as much knowledge as I could to further my dreams! Here’s hoping today is my lucky day.

I’m 23, so I’m really just jumping into the whole personal finance environment. Being that I’m a perpetual learner, I want to learn all there is to know so I can make the necessary decisions now rather than later. My parents never gave me much advice regarding money so this is a journey I’ve been taking on my own since I first started working. Being able to go to FinCon would allow me to network with others who might currently be in my shoes or once were and I would love to form a community so that we can hold each other accountable.

I don’t currently have a blog to promote, it’s a serious work in progress. Who knew it was so hard to pick a name?! I’m leaning towards “how to adult” posts. I’m in the higher education field and I strongly believe that there needs to be a class that seeks to teach students all of the important things that no one ever focuses on (how to write a check, how to file taxes, etc.).

Overall, I just want to learn the tricks of the trade so that I can be a positive role model for others who might be in my position now or in the future. I want to prove to others that my generation might be young and naive but we can still be rockstars when it comes to our future!

As a Memphis transplant to the Bay Area, I miss BBQ a lot and I could even “settle” on TX BBQ.

Also, I just started blogging last week as a means of trying to connect more with the community and feel less, well, alone in my FI process. I wanted to get some more posts, particularly those specifically related to finance, under my belt before mentioning it anywhere (I still haven’t told any of my friends/family/social media accounts, yet), but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Over the past year or so I’ve gotten big into the FIRE game. All going well, but it would be great to hear so many inspirational people in person. I’d love to get more insight into how I can effectively invest for the longer term

Why? Well, to rub elbows with all the cool bloggers of course! 🙂

In all seriousness, I would love to go. I just started blogging about 6 months ago but have been an avid reader of finance blogs since they started out, and finance books before that. I’d love to learn how to reach more people with my message and help them in their financial goals, the way writers and bloggers before me have helped me in my financial journey. I’ve been obsessed with personal finance and investing since I was a teenager-opened my first IRA at 16, gave a speech in my college public speaking course on investing, have dozens of books on the topic, etc. It’s a topic I’m passionate about and would love to be able to help be a bigger part of helping others.

I would love to win a ticket to Fincon!! My husband is stationed in Ft Hood, so I am a short drive away from Dallas. My husband is retiring from active duty in a few years, and my current financial goal is to retire my husband! I am finishing up real estate courses, and look forward to working as a. full-time Realtor in the Central Texas area. We currently have rental home, and if he deploys in the future, we plan to buy another rental property. I love reading about personal finance, and it would be an amazing opportunity!

I want to go to FinCon so that I can meet all the writers I admire so dearly and because I want to learn from the experts and launch my own blog!

I would love to go to FinCon! I have been hemming and hawing about starting my blog while layoffs happen all around me at work. This would be the kick in the pants I would need! It’s really a topic and demographic that I’m looking for and can’t find so I think I just need to MAKE IT myself! Thanks!

As I was saying, I am in the very early stages of creating a website for all things kids and money. I just listened to you on the So Money podcast which led me here. There are definitely at least a couple of speakers I need to see. This could not have come at a better time!

Following in the footsteps of Our Next Life, I, too, have committed to free myself from corporate life at the end of this year and have been working on my PF blog for a few months. While I can’t press the Publish button until I leave (due to corporate rules*), I can tell you that the goal is to help readers get to FI sooner through a fun, game-based approach. I would really like to go to fincon to better understand how I can serve our community and help everyone on their journeys.

– Mark

* I have to say that it is soooo hard not to just say @$&!?! and hit the publish button. However, I have a goal that is most readily achieved by staying on until the end of the year. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone (and possibly the office cats!), as well as visiting the great country of Texas!

As I approach retirement age, I am considering forms of passive income as well as second career ideas, one of which is freelance writing for various financial blogs. Attending FinCon would be a great way to gather information on some options. I would also hope to get some ideas on how to live on 50% to 75% of my current income when the time comes.

Wow – thanks for the chance in this giveaway

I’d like to promote/advance our blog, A Journey We Love. We are working full time right now, but we are building small businesses and investing as we aim for Financial Independence 10 or so years from now.

From our humble beginnings as immigrants to America (I moved to the US from the Philippines 3 1/2 years ago, while my husband moved from the US from Slovakia), we can definitely say that financial independence is a great and proof of the American dream, as we follow our goals to becoming FI and becoming full time travelers.

But for now, we’re ok with our full time jobs and traveling on the side – until we reach our magical FI number that is!

Going to FinCon would be amazing!!! Thanks for his super awesome giveaway! I just started blogging in January ( and I have SO much to learn. I would love to meet people from the personal finance blogging community and learn from the best. 🙂

Woah! This is a crazy amazing giveaway.

I want to go for so many reasons. I’d love to meet all the people whose words I’ve been reading for so long now, and get a chance to actually talk about the things I spend so much time thinking about. I also wouldn’t mind escaping the soggy Vancouver fall for Texas in October 😀 I’ve never been that far south before, either, so that’s another reason I’d love to go.

Hi! I would love the opportunity to meet others who are just a little crazy and compulsive about never again living paycheck to paycheck. I’m unique in the sense that I want to keep working and realistically working for myself is the best way to prevent financial instability with a chronic illness.

I used to love writing and I know I can move people with past insight but in all seriousness, I’m kicking myself for not attending FinCon last year when it was near my backyard. That’s a year of wasted time and anticipation for the upcoming year. Rubbing elbows with likeminded people when I’m awkwardy is straight out of my comfort zone.. and we all know to be successful, you have to understand the world outside of a comfort zone.

I am very excited about this giveaway! I am interested in going to FinCon to round out what I have learned and implemented to improve my life. This community has taught me so much in the last two years from blogs and Podcasts. I have drastically reduced my monthly expenses and debt. I have eliminated expensive vehicles and have gone all in on my 401k. I have been motivated to start a business so I can escape a career that I no longer enjoy. I have four children and have been teaching them what I have learned. I look forward to gaining more knowledge and being able to educate my children, friends and family members. Thank you J.Money for this amazing opportunity and what you do for all of us.

My wife and I just started a blog where we will be sharing how we got out of significant debt and would like to inspire others hoping to change and get out of debt. What I am most interested in is finding ways to reach outside of this community to find a new audience and get to those seeking help.

I would like to go because I would love to meet up with so many bloggers that I speak to online but haven’t met – blogging is all about connections and helping each other out. I think that I could learn a LOT from everyone who is going, and make some new friends.
As I’m in England it’s much harder for me!

I would love to advance my blog whilst over there so that it can reach more people and hopefully help some on their journey to debt freedom.

I would LOVE to attend FinCon to learn more about all things FIRE! I recently “retired” at age 50 and am learning how to navigate my new life.

I would love to attend FinCon to have the chance to be around like minded people who all love FINANCE! Attending will allow me to meet others as well as learn more and how I can better serve my tribe. I have a personal finance blog, , where I give personal finance and goal setting tips to women who want to manifest their dreams without breaking the bank.

I want to be able to learn all about how I can turn my passions into a (self-employed!) career that I get a lot of fulfillment from. I currently work way more hours than any human should as a CPA in a large public accounting firm doing taxes for incredibly wealthy folks. In my minimal amount of spare time I’m also getting preparing to become a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). I love what I do and I’m really passionate about the work and helping my clients – but I am so over “working for the man!” I want the freedom, flexibility, and financial power to be my own boss. I need the knowledge and advice from the wonderful people at FinCon to jumpstart my next career move! THANK YOU!!!

I am an expat FI groupie, who actually took a somewhat early retirement after reading and using “Your Money or Your Life”. I would love to meet some of the wonderful bloggers that I follow, and maybe get up the nerve to actually blog about living in Israel and managing to live on a small income while enjoying a good life.

Thanks for this awesome opportunity to win a ticket! Would love to win and attend to soak up any and all the information presented. I will be new to the blogging scene (hopefully launching in June!) and would love to know more about what others are facing as far as successes and opportunities.

My blog will be about leaving a 120k/year career to live a fulfilled life by watching my kids grow up. While staying home, I’ll be blogging about my side hustles, travel hacking, and personal finance and trying to encourage others to find financial independence. Thanks again!

Yesterday was the big day! I signed up for blue host/WordPress! I’m now officially “muddling” my way into the blogging world, forever hopeful that my old brain can comprehend and apply all the aspects involved in this electronic world! FinCon would be a great tool for speeding up my learning curve!
The Frugal Old Broad

I am approaching retirement, having gone through five lean years after my layoff from a lifelong job. I learned, through writing opinion pieces for the local paper, The Fresno Bee, that there were many people, both young and older, who struggle with finances, losing their identity and purpose at not working and battling to maintain a good life on little money. I want to continue to be their voice. I know with additional networking and absorbing all that FinCon has to offer that I can be a service to many. Help me be a beacon in their dark times.

I’m ready to experience the greatest community there is. I just started my blog and am learning like crazy! Hopefully by October I’ll be able to ask some intelligent questions at FinCon. I promise I’ll put this to great use. I hope to help parents use their funds to raise kids that work hard and manage money wisely.

I’d like to earn a free ticket to go as I am just now starting to put together my money coaching and small business consultant business. I have 4+ years experience with Risk Management, am currently a manager in a tax office and am looking to expand my skill set in the world of personal finance. (Or skills in general; I also just earned my notary position and bartender’s license).

I have debated about writing posting on this article since the day it came up (probably why I am waiting until the last day to write this). I am not good at asking for things, I suppose it’s just the way I was raised. But, ultimately I figured “what the hell?”

I would like to go to FinCon this year so that I may personally meet every blogger who I have reached out to and shake their hand in person. I have had so many bloggers offer sound and excellent advice and helpful hints, that I owe a lot of beers to a lot of people. Until I meet everyone, I do not feel that I can repay that debt of thanks.

If I can gain some helpful hints for my blog while I’m there, that is just a bonus.

I would like to win/attend just to meet some of the writers who write the stuff that I read. I have no blog or business to promote or advance. Also, it would be nice to attend a conference and actually participate in hearing and speaking to the presenters, instead of being one of the people running the show. Thanks for running this contest; picked it up from Donna Freedman of Surviving and Thriving.

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