Four Things To Do Before Quitting Your Job

By: Every Day By The Lake Have you ever thought about quitting your job?  Have you imagined what it would be like if that element of your life was no longer there?  How would you use all of that extra time? That very thing had been on my mind for as long as I could remember. I was desperately yearning to live life in another way– to have freedom over my time and my lifestyle.  I knew that I had to leave traditional 9-5 employment behind me to achieve that. I knew that I could not stand to stay on that path for another 30+ years. But I also knew that I could not quit my job recklessly.  I had a family to take care of.  I had a mortgage and student loans to pay.

I needed an exit plan that would satisfy my soul without compromising my obligations.

If you’re planning to walk a different path, to make radical changes to your life, then you need a plan, too. I’d like to offer some general considerations as you craft your strategy.  The below may seem obvious– but if you’re desperate like I have been, or impulsive, like I can be, these items can be very grounding.

You need to make life moves based on reality or at least strong probability– and not on fantasies or complete whims– especially if others are counting on you.

Here are Four Things You Need To Do Before Quitting Your Job: 1. Check Your Finances. . That’s when you promise yourself you will make the leap when you have $XX more in the bank.  And then, you guessed it, when you cross that threshold you set a new one, further delaying your dream. I get it.  It’s scary.  Logically, I know that I’m fine for now and for the foreseeable future. That still doesn’t stop me from worrying about the “what if”s or the “what’s to come”s.  But they are very paralyzing.  If you succumb to them, you will be living with the “what happened”s. Time will have lapped you and you will have missed your window to actually act. After reading the Four Hour Work Week, I realized that Tim Ferris had a point. Whenever faced with a paralyzing decision, you should ask yourself—what’s the worst that could happen?  What’s the real probability of that happening AND if it should come to pass, am I strong enough to deal with it?

As Henry David Thoreau so wisely told us “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you’ve imagined.”

Are you ready to heed his words? I am! The above are the major points I considered before ‘making the leap.’  Preparing for a major life change like this is intensely personal and should be customized based on individual circumstances.  What would you add to this list? Republished with the permission of Every Day By The Lake.