Five Things You Might Not Know About Rockstar Finance

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After running Rockstar Finance for only a couple of weeks, it’s apparent that many bloggers don’t know as much about the site as I thought they did.

So I thought I’d take a few minutes and share a bit about Rockstar and also address many questions that seem to repeatedly pop up.

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about Rockstar Finance:

1. Our mission is to share great personal finance content.

Serving readers is the heart of Rockstar Finance.

We do this by searching far and wide for the very best personal finance content.

Then we do all we can to share it with as many people as possible.

This process ends up benefiting two distinct audiences: readers, who receive great reads, and bloggers, who get their best stuff exposed to a wide audience.

It’s a win for everyone!

2. Rockstar content isn’t just about the site.

Each weekday we post three articles on the site. We call these “feature articles”.

In addition to that, we email over 7,300 people.

The site and the email work together to deliver content in whatever way the reader wants it.

If you want to receive the emails, you can subscribe here.

3. There’s more in the email than on the site.

The email message contains several parts as follows:

  • A money-related quote
  • The three feature articles for the day. These include the post title with a link as well as a quote from the post. Again, these are the articles listed at the top of the site that day.
  • The “Daily Scratch” section which includes three fun facts (like listing new blogs to our directory) and then four “Interesting nuggets from around the web”. Here we share quotes from four different sites, linking to each article so readers can see more if they like. These are only shared in the email — not on the site.

So while three posts are featured on the site, seven get exposure in the email.

4. We promote the featured posts and some of the scratch posts.

Putting posts on the site and in emails aren’t the only ways we share great content.

Every featured post is shared on Rockstar’s Facebook page (5,800 followers) and Twitter account (8,000 followers). This is part of our standard promotion of featured posts.

In addition, ESIMoney often tweets both featured and scratch posts to his 10k+ Twitter followers.

5. We syndicate the best posts.

In addition to all the above, we syndicate the very top featured posts (a select handful from those we share on the site) with our friends at The Financial Diet and Invibed. We create lists for them like this and this.

Also, we’ll begin sharing top articles with Business Insider at the end of January.

As you can see, there’s a lot going on at Rockstar Finance, but it all relates back to sharing great personal finance content.

I hope this post has been enlightening and has given you a bit more insight into Rockstar Finance.

ESI is the owner of Rockstar Finance and writes at ESI Money, a blog about achieving financial independence through earning, saving, and investing (ESI).

He’s an early 50’s retiree who achieved financial independence, shares what’s worked for him, and details how others can implement those successes in their lives. He is also the author of a free ebook titled Three Steps to Financial Independence and spends a lot of his time interviewing millionaires.

Last modified: May 26, 2018

14 Responses to :
Five Things You Might Not Know About Rockstar Finance

  1. Thank you for providing this content!

    This site does a great job of consolidating thousands of great financial articles into 1 source.

    Thank you again for the Twitter share today!

  2. Good stuff. Didn’t know about # 5. You guys rock!!!

  3. OMGF says:

    More motivation to get Rockstarred.

  4. #6. Lifehacker has been known to create featured content based on the posts featured here.

    I know from experience, dude, if you know what I mean.


  5. And what a great job you do at it too! It has been great to join this community of like minded and motivated individuals. Please keep it up!

  6. Keep rocking! Thanks for this post and all the extra-mile explanations.

  7. Mrs. Groovy says:

    Thanks for all the great content!

    I’ve been regularly reading the featured posts daily without subscribing. I didn’t know about the extra perks in the email but I’m rectifying that now.

  8. I’ve been an email recipient for years, such a perk! :)

  9. Love the website and forum, it’s literally a gold mine of fantastic information.

  10. J. Money says:

    Glad y’all are enjoying it ;) And that ESI is broadcasting everything we do here more because sometimes we (I) just assume it becomes common knowledge without telling anyone! Hah!

  11. I had no idea of the perks of the daily emails! I’ve always enjoyed the daily features so I’ll be signing up for the emails. Thanks for all of the great content you provide!

  12. Good job guys. These additional features makes me love Rockstar Finance the more. Kudos!

  13. Stock Street says:

    I have been wondering for a long time how many subscribers get the email! I remember saying an estimate to my girlfriend. Still haven’t been syndicated before, that would be a dream come true!

  14. Bernz JP says:

    You’re doing an excellent job. You rock. Thank you.

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