★ This Week In Financial Gossip: Promposals, Flying Cars, and Fiber in Your Coca-Cola?

Financial Gossip

financial gossip

Welcome to our new Thursday series! We learned a lot from Tom’s Top 20 Rich Habits this year, and now we turn our attention to a different type of education – Financial Gossip.

But don’t worry. Just like we do with personal finance articles, we brush past the boring stuff and only pluck out the gems for ya ;)

And helping us with this endeavor is our friends, Dani Pascarella and Korrie Martinez from Invibed.com, who are on a similar mission of making this finance stuff fun for everyone.

You may remember Dani from her story on quitting her six-figure job on Wall Street to start the site, which provides financial education and early stage wealth coaching for young professionals.

So sit back, crack open your beer/coffee/spritzer, and get armed with the most entertaining news in money! It may not help your wallet out much, but it sure will improve your social life ;)

jetsons flying car

While you’re sitting in traffic, Uber and other stakeholders are meeting in Dallas to discuss the rollout of flying cars.

These drone-like VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircrafts may look and sound super futuristic, but Uber plans to test its network of flying taxi planes by 2020.

Which means in just a few years, you could be trading up your Uber for an UberAir. Errrkay.

The project is estimated to have “significant cost advantages” over other modes of solving transportation problems (think: building roads/bridges/tunnels) and for the consumer, with a 50-mile trip eventually costing as little as $20.

laguna beach promposal

What represents the age gap between young and old millennials better than a promposal?

While we may vaguely remember the cast of MTV’s Laguna Beach promposing with flowers and signs in awe, today’s average ask puts most marriage proposals to shame.

We’re talking an average cost of $300.

But one Texas teen managed to outdo all grand gestures and spend a fraction of that by designing a custom Snapchat geofilter for his high school sweetheart.

Starting at just $5, this is the sort of promposal we can get behind. Plus, nothing says “forever” like a 24-hour snap. #loveyoumeanit

the office wink

For most of us, getting fired entails a cardboard box and an awkward escort out of the building. Others receive a pretty parting gift, no matter how bad they’ve been.

New additions to the “golden parachute” list include Bill O’Reilly, who is reportedly leaving Fox News with around $25 million in his pocket. The TV personality received his saucy send-off after several sexual harassment claims came to surface.

Then there’s Marissa Mayer, who will likely receive $186 million when Yahoo finalizes its sale to Verizon. Surprising, since the CEO has been accused of negligence and a whole slew of other poor choices that aided in Yahoo’s decline.

Don’t get the wrong idea, though. While these dollar amounts sound super sweet, golden parachutes are rarely more lucrative than the recipient remaining in their previous role. So it still pays to be good.

jeb bush gif

What do Derek Jeter, Jeb Bush and $1.3 billion have in common?

The Miami Marlins, apparently.

A group led by the former Florida Governor and the five-time World Series Champion is reportedly in the works to buy the not-so-beloved Florida baseball team.

When Jeter retired in 2014, he expressed interest in owning a franchise, but whether that dream is going to come true in Miami is TBD. Marlins manager Don Mattingly said, “It’s premature to talk about it.”

While Bush was unable to get Floridians excited during the 2016 Republican primaries, hopefully he’ll do better filling seats at Marlins Park if this deal pans out.

the office veggies

Coca-Cola is cutting jobs and adding fiber to its drinks, in response to a decline in soda sales.

To reduce costs, the world’s biggest beverage manufacturer plans to cut 1,200 jobs later this year. CEO James Quincey will continue to reshape the business and further focus on non-soda drinks, like Coca-Cola’s Smartwater.

They are also experimenting with “functional drinks” like the new Coca-Cola Plus, which was just released in Japan this February. The zero-calorie drink is sugar-free but boasts 5 grams of added fiber.

You won’t find Coca-Cola Plus in the U.S. anytime soon, so until then you’ll have to find your fiber in other forms – like fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and whole grains. Good luck with that!

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Last modified: June 2, 2017

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