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This is part of our Financial Gossip series, curated by our friends at Invibed. Every week, they scour the news to bring us the most interesting stories around money. Here are this week’s gems :)


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Did you miss Bitcoin Pizza Day on Monday?

The annual holiday celebrates the first ever Bitcoin purchase, where Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoin in 2010.

At the time, you couldn’t use the cryptocurrency to make purchases, so Hanyecz had to trade the 10,000 Bitcoin to another Silk Road user in exchange for the pizza purchase. Today, those 10,000 Bitcoin would happily be accepted at many retailers — and are now worth more than $20 million.

One Bitcoin is currently valued at around $2,342, a surge linked to policy changes in Japan and China. You can watch its price at Coindesk.com, or if you prefer to track Bitcoin’s growth in pizza, you can follow @bitcoin_pizza on Twitter for daily updates.


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The No Fun League — aka the NFL — will be that no more come next season.

The previous limitations on end zone excitement have been lifted as a result of the less than impressive ratings the NFL saw last year. Commissioner Roger Goodell hopes these changes will help him reach his goal of turning the $14 billion a year business into $25 billion by 2027.

Whether or not touchdown dances and snow angels can save the NFL’s finances is TBD, but one thing that is for certain: the best teams will be hotdogging all the way to Tampa in 2021 instead of LA.

The venue for Super Bowl LV was changed after the opening of the new $2.6 billion stadium in Inglewood, California was pushed back to 2020.


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LiveNation sent a ripple through the summer music festival scene on Monday when its first ever Festival Passport went on sale.

For just $799, music lovers could score the ticket of a lifetime: access to more than 90 festivals around the world.

Sadly this sick deal was only available to 1,000 people and has already sold out (if you want dibs on next year’s pass you can sign up for updates). With a single festival costing hundreds of dollars (Bonnaroo alone costs $349+fees for a 4-day ticket), you would hardly have to tour the entire list to get your money’s worth.

Speaking of tours, the Dr. Phil guest you wish you could forget, Danielle Bregoli’s tour rider has just been released. Yes, you read that correctly — the ‘cash me outside’ girl signed a tour deal with Live Nation. In addition to outlandish requests like fidget spinners and white tank tops, the 14-year old wants $750 per day and $3k for her security detail. How about that?


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After a 16% price drop, raw sugar is now at the bottom of Bloomberg’s commodity list at #22 — and the forecast is far from sweet.

Sugar is hurting from both ends of the spectrum: healthy people don’t want it and unhealthy people don’t care that it’s being swapped for less expensive syrups.

The big blow was when fat dropped its bad rap and all those sugar-laden “low-fat” and “no-fat” options suddenly became public enemy #1. It also isn’t helping that cheap syrups like high fructose corn syrup have replaced sugar in the world of processed foods.

After a quarter century of stable growth, sugar is about to see its first drop in demand. Rather than call conspiracy, we wish lobbyists would just play nice and preach moderation — fat chance ?


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Research firm Wealth-X has released a list of the colleges that produce the most billionaires.

The top billionaire universities include Harvard (131 billionaires), Stanford (50 billionaires), and the University of Pennsylvania (47 billionaires). According to the firm, 70 percent of billionaires have a bachelor’s degree — but graduating from a good school is hardly a requirement for striking it rich.

Just look at Mark Zuckerberg, who dropped out of college but is currently worth an impressive $61.9 billion (we’ll leave his Facebook Live skills out of this).

Likewise, new research suggests that high school valedictorians “typically settle into the system instead of shaking it up.” Sounds like conformity isn’t the clear path to success.


legosaurus rex

Elsewhere, in blogger gossip…

  • A Legosaurus Rex eats J. Money’s arm off, and then moves to Physician on FIRE’s leg
  • Harmony from Creating My Kaleidoscope has BOGO babies!

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Last modified: June 7, 2017

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  1. “A Legosaurus Rex eats J. Money’s arm off, and then moves to Physician on FIRE’s leg”

    OH NO! Was Mr 1500 able to get away?!

    1. ROFL Never mind just read the comic.

      1. J. Money says:

        We’re a bunch of nerds :)

  2. It’s funny because now that I bake so often, sugar has become one of the top five commodities in our house. :) Hopefully I’ll see some sweet price drops. ;) But in my opinion, it’s best to just eat the sugar instead of any crazy syrups or sweeteners. It’s okay in moderation. And I can’t wait to see the fun touchdown dances that are hopefully to come!

    1. We totally agree — we’d take a bit of sugar over the crazy syrups/sweeteners any day! And we’re *so excited* for the touchdown dances! :)

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