FamZoo Family Banking with $100 Loaded

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Have something cool for you parents this week! My friend Bill Dwight who runs the killer fintech company, FamZoo, is offering up his ingenious "family banking" cards loaded with $100 and 1 year of free membership to one lucky family out there :) I've known Bill for years, and have even had the privilege of watching him not only tie for 1st place during our first Fintech competition at FinCon, but also win the People's Choice award! Overall solid dude, and incredibly passionate about teaching kids good money habits. He even runs a personal finance blog for kids on top of his company! FamilyFinanceFavs.com

Here's what FamZoo's about

and your kids get access to their own separate accounts, while you maintain visibility and control through a shared online dashboard and app. You define the rules of your private banking system and economy in a way that matches your own values. And you have a number of ways to harness it:

  • you can automate allowances
  • reward for chores and odd jobs
  • withhold "payroll" for saving or giving
  • penalize for missed work
  • pay interest on savings
  • share expenses
  • match contributions
  • manage budgets
  • loan out money
  • and more

The younger your kids are the simpler you set it up, and as everyone grows you add more sophistication to it. I plan on rocking it with my kids once they're old enough! (But potty training first ;))

Want your own FamZoo banking?

Bill has graciously offered up A FamZoo Bank of Mom/Dad prepaid card loaded with $100 and card(s) for the kid(s) in the family, along with a free year membership. If you'd like to give it a shot, answer the following questions down in the comments and you shall be entered to win!

"#1. How many kids do you have. #2. What are their financial personalities? (I.e, which are the spenders, the savers, the hustlers, and the ones you're hoping to whip into shape with this system? ;))"

Giveaway ends next Tuesday at midnight, and unfortunately only open to those in the U.S. - sorry! (FamZoo doesn't work internationally) Good luck!! UPDATE: Congrats to Allyn for winning! We hope your family finds this helpful! ****** PS: To see who won last week’s giveaway, click here. PPS: Links to FamZoo above are affiliate links