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Who it’s for: Those who want a quick and easy way to get rid of stuff. Ease of use: Scan or type in barcodes, get your offer, and accept. Free shipping and next day payments. What I liked about it: It makes the process of selling old stuff super easy. What I didn’t like about it: They don't accept "everything". I found some books that will not accept, though from what I hear their books service is relatively new compared to the tech stuff they specialize in. (Free!)

Free Up Some Room! Let Decluttr Buy Your Junk.

It's an amazing world out there when a website will give you an instant offer to buy old junk off of you. In fact, they will even pay your shipping! Decluttr specializes in buying CDs, DVDs, cell phones, games and a variety of other tech items. Download their app and scan barcodes for an instant offer.

How Decluttr Works

  1. Find a DVD (or something) that you no longer want (for most of us, this won't be difficult!)
  2. Scan or enter the barcode into the Decluttr app or on their website
  3. Check out your instant offer, then decide to sell or keep the item

For example, I grabbed my beloved copy of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation on DVD - something that I would never sell, but just for the sake of demonstration... I flipped the DVD case over and typed in the barcode. Remember, the barcode is NOT the ISBN number that you find on books and other media. The barcode is a number typically underneath those funny vertical black lines (the barcode!). You can see my instant offer above - $0.50 for the DVD. And remember, Decluttr will send you a free shipping label so it won't cost you anything to get rid of it. You'll likely sell a number of different items in one sitting. In fact, Decluttr enforces a $5.00 minimum before it will send you a shipping label, so be sure that you're looking to sell a number of items that add up to at least that amount. Look for books that you no longer read, CDs that you can't believe you still own, and DVDs of movies that are so last year. Here's what a couple of our friends who use Decluttr said about their experiences:

I sold a bunch of stuff to Decluttr for the first time a couple months ago. Made $22.61 for around 30 items (books and DVDs). It wasn't much but it was something, otherwise I was just gonna donate everything anyways. - Carrie Smith,

I made $63.30 for selling 170 CD's. The process is super easy - install the app, scan the barcode, and get an instant price offer. Click accept and put it in a box. When you're done, mail it in (postage prepaid). Great way to clear out a lot of cluttr :) - Ryan Guina,

I love win-win situations :)

What I Like About Decluttr

They buy stuff! - Decluttr is more than your typical book-buying service. They actually specialize in tech stuff like DVDs, CDs, games, etc. They also buy your old electronics, like Kindles, tablets, iPods and cell phones. Yeah, that old BlackBerry device you thought was totally awesome, but is now an archaic paperweight? Decluttr will buy it. In fact, they state they consistently pay more than other buyback sites for Apple, Samsung and other popular cell phones - sometimes even $100 more. Their tech price promise also guarantees you get the first price offered for your items too. Check out the screenshot below for a quick look at cell phones that Decluttr will buy back from you: . You have money in the bank the day after they process them.

What I Don't Like About Decluttr

There isn't much not to like. The process is easy and straightforward. You clear out junk and add a little extra cash into your wallet. However, there are a couple things that I don't like so much. You could make more on eBay - If you are trying to maximize your profit, you'll probably make more using eBay or even Craigslist. Decluttr pays a bit less than the item's worth because they must do two things during this process: 1) pay for your shipping, and 2) resell the item for a profit. Otherwise, they don't stay in business. On the plus side, there is no need to maintain a high feedback profile before someone will buy from you. You don't need to take pictures of your item or write a nice flowery description. You also don't need to worry about getting paid for the item, then filling out a shipping label to send your item off to the buyer. You may not make quite as much, but the process is super easy. They don't take absolutely everything - I ran a couple of barcodes through the Decluttr website and found they wouldn't take some things. This might be because their stock of these items is already high, or that they just don't sell very well (or that the media type is a new addition to their buyback program, such as books). Whatever the case, you will probably find that some of your items can't be sold to Decluttr. This stuff might be ripe for a donation!


Use Decluttr to make cash off your old collection of DVDs that you no longer watch or books you've already [repeatedly] read. Or hawk your stack of old cell phones collecting dust. Cash > Junk!

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