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Hi guys! Welcome to the 25th giveaway week in a row – crazy! To keep the tradition going, we’ve partnered up with my friend Michael Bonardi over at Money-Rings.com to hook you up with a fantastic piece of coin jewelry. The perfect addition to any financial nerd’s attire ;)

Michael left his 9-5 four years ago to pursue this business of his, and has recently launched a Kickstarter page to help him put things into overdrive. Whoever wins this week’s giveaway gets to choose any item off his Kickstarter page which includes coin rings, coin necklaces, and coin earrings! Money money everywhere! Haha… (“reward bundles” & bracelet excluded from the giveaway).

I learned of this project when Michael reached out to share his story on our Side Hustle Series over at BudgetsAreSexy.com, and thought it would make for a perfect giveaway and chance to share his jewelry line even further. If you get a chance afterwards, check out the article he wrote on how you can make coin rings yourself, as well as other fascinating insight into the world of coin jewelry making: Side Hustle #70: Making Rings and Jewelry Out of Coins!

How to Win Today’s Giveaway

rings made out of coins

If you love money and you love jewelry, this is the giveaway for you :) Follow the below steps and you’ll be automatically entered to win one of these bad boys:

  1. Visit Michael’s Kickstarter page (click here)
  2. Find the item you really want (could be a ring, earrings or necklace), and tell us which it is in the comments below (bundles excluded)
  3. Optional bonus entry: Share his Kickstarter page on social media! Then make sure to leave the link to it in the comments as well so we can make sure to track it okay. Feel free to copy and paste this message here or share your own version:

    Check out this awesome Kickstarter page on coin rings and jewelry! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/moneyrings/money-rings-jewelry-line

That’s it! We’ll pick the winner at this time next week, and announce who it is on this same page as well as our main Giveaways page. Good luck, y’all! Money has never looked so beautiful! ;)

GIVEAWAY OVER: Congrats to Angie Davidson for winning!!

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Jay is the founder of Rockstar Finance, and blogs about money over at BudgetsAreSexy.com. He loves all things finance, coffee, and hip-hop, and is the proud daddy of two beautiful little boys!

Last modified: May 31, 2017

25 Responses to :
★ Rockstar Giveaway: Coin Ring of Your Choice!

  1. Jennifer says:

    I love absolutely love these, I think they are amazing! I love the Silver-Ounce Bracelet but the matchstick Nickel Necklace speaks to me :D


    1. J. Money says:

      Yeah – those matchstick ones are pretty creative! Never seen anything like ’em.

  2. Dewwwwd these are really cool. :) I think Mr. Picky Pincher was telling me about these! I’d like to check out the Penny Ring. I think it’s a cool idea; I do wonder if it will oxidize though?

  3. I would totally have to go with the MN state quarter ring!
    Have to show off my MN pride “dontcha know” ;)

    Extra Credit:

  4. Kim says:

    I seriously adore these! They’re beautiful and fun! I love the State Quarter Rings – it’s a bit larger than the other rings, so you see more of the coin.

    1. J. Money says:

      yeah – more real estate to mold w/ the bigger coins :)

  5. Cody Reeve says:

    I would love to represent Michigan with a State Quarter ring!

  6. Carol says:

    It’s funny, as I scrolled down, I wanted each successive one! But I would have to say that I’d most like to have a Minnesota State Quarter ring, size 6. Thanks for doing this!

    1. J. Money says:

      Minnesota is representing today!

  7. I really like the oyster shell dime necklace.

  8. Caron says:

    Very cool “repurposing” of money!

    I’d love the Matchstick Nickel necklace :)

  9. Miss Mazuma says:

    Damn! I already did all this last week & donated to the Kickstarter fund (people – we need to make this thing happen so I get my ring!!). Does that give me brownie points?! Regardless, Michael has some awesome products. Kudos for supporting the cause!!

    1. J. Money says:

      Always nice to support the things you believe in – I’m sure Michael appreciates it :)

  10. Chris says:

    I’d rock a Texas coin ring. Saw one online a few years ago and forgot about it until the side hustle story about coin rings.

  11. Stephanie Campbell says:

    A South Carolina State quarter ring would be awesome! I really think this is a neat idea!

  12. De says:

    The Dime ring would be my pick. They are awesome. Is it legal to reshape legal tender and re-sell it?

    1. J. Money says:

      Here was his answer to the legality of this from his guest post :)


      *If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me about the legality of doing this! I get that question so many times at big festivals that I have auto-response answers, some of which are pretty funny… So if you ever see me at a festival, ask that question and see which one you get :) But yes, the real answer is that it is illegal to deface currency if your intent is to fraud the government. An example would be turning a $5 bill into a $50 bill or a nickel into a quarter and passing it off. Another example is shaving metal off of a coin to profit from the shavings, and then spending the shaved coin. Ever wonder why ridges exist on coins?

  13. Jessica says:

    Actually visited his page from your blog post the other day and was disappointed they were all sold out. I actually thing the penny ring was awesome.

    1. J. Money says:

      You can get one by funding his kickstarter page! or by contacting him directly through his website I’m sure… He’s busty trying to fundraise so prob put the site ordering on hold for a bit.

  14. Bela says:

    I love the silver ounce cuff bracelet, but if a bracelet is not eligible for this giveaway, I’d love the rolled quarter necklace.

  15. Love, love, love the Walking Liberty ring! ( half ounce silver)Like the dime ring as well. Shared here: https://mobile.twitter.com/angiedavidson75/status/869402718594629632

    1. J. Money says:

      Guess what? You won!! Look for an email from me soon :)

      1. Angie Davidson says:

        Awesome! Thanks!

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