Wednesday Hits: Buy Yourself a Latte

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Today’s Features

Buy Yourself a F*^king Latte

Numbers out of context are so misleading, and this one is no exception. Instead, you need to put any number into context via its relationship with other related items. In this case, that six-figure latte compounded appreciation should be put into context relative to the rest of ones’ earnings and/or portfolio appreciation.”

Lifetime Wealth Ratio

After your LWR crosses the 100% mark, you’ve clearly found the Cheat Codes to wealth accumulation. You now have more money to show for yourself than you’ve actually earned at W-2 jobs in your whole life! Show me your ways, Sensei!”

Wedding Regrets Two Years Later

I regret things that I didn’t know then — I regret pouring money into things that I thought would solve for potential issues, when I missed many cost-free opportunities to prevent the magical and glorious nightmare that was my wedding day.”

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