Best Millennial Blogs

These are the best millennial money blogs. Those sites geared towards Gen Y (18 to 34) who make finance fun and actually enjoyable ;) You’ll feel like you’re having a beer or coffee with these guys, and will learn about everything from paying down your debt, saving more, getting started with investing, insurance, and of course the ultimate dream – financial freedom. Check ’em out!

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Minimalism // Millennial // Up & Coming]

StudenomicsStudenomics.comMartin Dasko@Studenomics2008
Afford AnythingAffordAnything.comPaula Pant@AffordAnything2011
Broke MillennialBrokeMillennial.comErin Lowry@BrokeMillennial2013
Budgets Are SexyBudgetsAreSexy.comJ. Money@BudgetsAreSexy2008
Millennial Money ManMillennialMoneyMan.comBobby@GenYMoneyMan2015
Money After GraduationMoneyAfterGraduation.comBridget Casey@MoneyAfterGrad2012
Millennial RevolutionMillennial-Revolution.comFIRECracker / The Wanderer@FIRECracker_Rev2016
Making Sense of CentsMakingSenseofCents.comMichelle Schroeder@SenseofCents2011
20 Something Finance20SomethingFinance.comG.E. Miller@GE_Miller2008
Stefanie O'ConnellStefanieOConnell.comStefanie O’Connell@StefanieOConnel2013
Dear DebtDearDebt.comMelanie Lockert
Club ThriftyClubThrifty.comHolly & Greg Johnson@ClubThrifty2012
My Mixed Up MoneyMixedUpMoney.comAlyssa@MixedUpMoney2015
The Freedom From MoneyTheFreedomFromMoney.comTaylor@TayMilam2015

[Per Category: Best Overall // Saving // Investing // Debt // Early Retirement
Minimalism // Millennial // Up & Coming]

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