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Rockstar Finance started in 2013 by J Money from Budgets are Sexy fame.

Having been in the blogging game for several years, J would come across a LOT of articles on money. Most of them were fine, but every now and then there were a few gems that he just wanted to share with the rest of the world. So he started Rockstar Finance to do just that.

After four years of growing the site into one of the pillars of the personal finance blogging community, he sold the site to John from ESI Money. The details can be seen here:

The Rockstar Finance Empire

Every week we scan hundreds of articles and feature our favorite posts here in hopes they motivate you to keep going strong. The Rockstar content, if you will.

We’ve also added a few additions over the years to better help you find other like-minded people and bloggers in our space too:

  • Rockstar Money Forums (visit) – a place for all of us to chat (freely) about money and entrepreneurship! We also have a private blogging section as to not annoy the non-bloggers 😉
  • Rockstar Directory (visit) – our portal that’s tracking every single $$$ blog we find online (1400+), a slew of the best personal finance books (100+), a list of freelancers (100+), and a live stream of all the current blog posts coming out of our community. All tied to a hefty filtering system that lets you drill down into variables such as age, sex, location, and even net worth!
  • Rockstar Community Fund (visit) – our philanthropy initiative to help us give back more in fun and meaningful ways.
  • Rockstar Original Series – our own original content covering weekly money challenges, app reviews, giveaways!, habits of the rich, and our popular in-depth book reviews.

All designed to help you better connect with your money, and get you closer to that dream lifestyle of yours.  We hope it helps 🙂


P.S. Special shout to Steve Adcock for his technological prowess and partnership in growing the site.

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32 replies on “About This Site”

Hi J,
Great concept for a site! Thanks for the inclusion. Your other site was the first time I heard of FU Money which is a concept I love. I never took your millionaire pledge when I first read about it but the wife and I are doing well on that front.

Hah! Really? That’s awesome… I was lovin’ it when you mention FU money on your site and had no idea 🙂 Glad you and the wife are doing well in the net worth department too – gonna stay on top of your bog, I’m really enjoying it.

Glad you’re digging it, man! I’m having fun coming across new (and sometimes, crazy) blogs too sourcing this stuff – it’s awesome 🙂 And I’m even *learning* something, imagine that?

Hey, I appreciate this site already! As a young guy wanting to become well versed in personal finance, this is a great start to see the best content about the subject.

I’m blogging about my journey about personal finance, and I’m hoping to share what I’ve learned from these articles on your site with others! Thanks!

Great site. I made a budget for myself and “discovered” areas that I can save 42% of my NET spending without even pinching myself in the “needs” area of my life. Found this site. Now, older than most of you, I’m starting over again – moving, needing to figure out if I will buy a house or rent, but, whichever I decide, I will have the money for it! Found this site very useful though. Also, would love to see more articles on “how to communicate about money” with spouse; for me, I just have to be objective, make no accusations, and be open minded. But, trust has to be there, as does honesty – it’s the thinking about money and communicating about it that seems to be an issue for most people. For what it’s worth, that’s something I would like to see more of. Great site though.

Glad you’re enjoying the site so far! We’ve had articles here and there on communication, but I’ll keep my eyes open for more as time goes on. Good luck with all the new changes over there! Sometimes they can be so freeing 🙂

I love getting your emails in the mornings, I have found so many cool new blogs this way! Although I don’t get quite as much done at work… 🙂 Thanks for linking such great content!

Hey J. Money,

Greetings from this side of the world. I came here via a Business Insider article listing it as one of the best sites to get rich. And from my little time spent here so far, I’ve been blown away by the sheer breadth of helpful material, and all the awesome people you’re helping to connect. I can already tell I’ll be spending a lot more time here 🙂

On behalf of everyone who’s ever wanted to learn more about money — here’s a big Thank You!

J. Money: Hi there. I’m wondering what has happened to the website of Early Retirement Actuary. Does anyone know? Lots of good articles on there.

Thank you,

I’m looking forward to connecting with this community since I was just referred here by someone at YNAB. I started a budgeting blog Friday and am excited to help people better understand the importance of budgeting together!

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