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The Rockstar Finance Empire

Every week we scan hundreds of articles and feature our favorite posts here in hopes they motivate you to keep going strong. The Rockstar content, if you will. We've also added a few additions over the years to better help you find other like-minded people and bloggers in our space too:

  • Rockstar Money Forums (visit) - a place for all of us to chat (freely) about money and entrepreneurship! We also have a private blogging section as to not annoy the non-bloggers ;)
  • Rockstar Directory (visit) - our portal that's tracking every single $$$ blog we find online (1400+), a slew of the best personal finance books (100+), a list of freelancers (100+), and a live stream of all the current blog posts coming out of our community. All tied to a hefty filtering system that lets you drill down into variables such as age, sex, location, and even net worth!
  • Rockstar Community Fund (visit) - our philanthropy initiative to help us give back more in fun and meaningful ways.
  • Rockstar Original Series - our own original content covering weekly money challenges, app reviews, giveaways!, habits of the rich, and our popular in-depth book reviews.

All designed to help you better connect with your money, and get you closer to that dream lifestyle of yours.  We hope it helps :)   P.S. Special shout to Steve Adcock for his technological prowess and partnership in growing the site. To get notified of all new posts and series here, sign up to our daily emails.