7 super clever and easy ways to make money!

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By: Michael Dinich | Your Money Geek

One of the most common questions I hear is, how to make money fast? Maybe you’re faced with an unexpected home repair, or your car decided to call it quits and now you’re in the need for some extra cash quick, fast and in hurry (like yesterday). Well, good news, I’ve got your back!

Today, I am going to share will you how to make money fast.  

Ground Rules

You may have seen the lists on online; “100 plus ways to make money” quickly or “how to make money fast online”. Most of these lists are merely affiliate link spam. I mean no disrespect to fellow bloggers, but I’m not going to add to the noise and suggest you waste your afternoon filling out surveys. If you want to make $500 dollars, need money to cover rent, or get the car fixed, reward apps and sign up bonuses might not cut it.

Plus, if you already did the reward app, sign up bonus, “pledged your body to science thing” the last time you clunker needed a repair, then it is likely your in need of some creative new ways to make money quickly.

To be included on this list, the option needs to be a real way to make money and have the potential to pay greater than a living wage. Plus, it had to be quick because that’s why you’re here.

Saving Money is Making Money.  You may have heard the saying “You can’t “outwork a bad diet”; finances are similar. Before launching your creative new side hustle, it makes sense to sit down and look for opportunities to reduce unnecessary expenses. Now, I’m not suggesting you give up the items you and your family value and enjoy, rather let’s just trim the fat a bit.

Let’s look at the low-hanging fruit:

  • Comparison shop your  Life, Health, Auto, Home Owners’, and Liability insurance.
  • Did you quit smoking or lose weight?  Ask your health and life insurance co.’s if they will reduce rates
  • Challenge inaccuracies on your credit report. If you improve your score, ask lenders and insurance co.’s if they can reduce your rates.
  • Check your deductibles, limits, and features on health and property casualty insurance. Many people are overpaying for lower limits or features they may not really need.

1. Make Money Helping Others

Donate Blood Plasma. This hack comes from fellow blogger Melissa Blevins, who has been making upwards of 400 dollars a month donating blood plasma.  If making a few extra dollars wasn’t good enough, donating blood plasma can save lives. Need more reason to donate, donating blood plasma can burn 650 calories, beats the exercise bike for an hour! (420 calories)

2. Don’t Overlook This Money Saving Item

Sell your unwanted life insurance policies. Maybe you did a review of your life insurance policies and decided you have an older policy that you no longer need or want. Before you close it out for the policy for cash value consider if it can be sold for more money on the secondary market.

Generally, this option is reserved for people age 62 or older, however, depending on the features of the policy this may be an option for younger individuals.

Tip: if you have life insurance where the cost basis is significantly higher than the cash value, rather than surrender the policy, consider a 1035 exchange into an annuity where you can use the tax loss to offset gains in the annuity.

3. Make Money Online and at Home Flipping

Become a flipper. If you have a keen eye and are willing to do some research, you can make decent money flipping items. Check out Craigslist and eBay and see what items are selling for. Start with small items until you have a sense of how to flip.

Example, Local farmers in my area love 275 Gallon Caged IBC Tote’s, used ones sell for 150 dollars in the area. I found a person on Craigslist who sells them for 75 dollars a piece about an hour drive from me. After a little on the phone negotiating I was able to pick up 15 totes for 50 dollars apiece.  It took the Mrs. and I less than three hours to pick up the totes and return. We kept a few totes for ourselves to harvest rainwater and sold the rest off for a nice profit.

4. Make Money Quickly With Photos

Sell your photos online. Have you built up a massive collection of photos from your travels? If so turn your passion for photography into money in your pocket. Website developers and bloggers are constantly looking for photos to use on their sites. Consider selling your art on sites like twenty20, iStock, or SmugMug.

Prices can range from a few cents to twenty-plus dollars. Make sure you review all the fine print, some of the sites do not allow you to offer the same photos on several sites.

The key to making money online with your photos is thinking outside the box. Turn your photos into products, such as mugs, mouse pads or puzzles.

Also, don’t limit your self to just selling your own digital photos. Historical photos sell well on websites such as Etsy.com and Ebay. Travel to local estate sales, yard sales, and flee markets, you can often pick up old photos and albums inexpensively and sell them for a nice profit.

Note: older advertising also sells well, at a local car show a gentleman was selling ads from old magazines for $15 a piece. 

5. Make Money Online as a Virtual Assistant

Become a social media virtual assistant.   Do you love Pinterest or Instagram? Many brands and bloggers do not know how to correctly use these social media platforms. Offer your expertise to coach or act as a social media manager. It’s a win-win: the brand gets the right type of social media exposure and you can make money doing something you enjoy.

How much could money could you make as a VA? Some VA’s make between $14 and $25 an hour, others charge  $40 and up. If you are great at making Pinterest images and Instagram creatives, you could charge brands upwards of $50 an hour. To get the best value for your work, it helps to have a social media following of your own to demonstrate your work online.

Tip: You may be tempted to offer your services on sites like Fiverr or Upwork, customers of the sites are looking for rock bottom prices. if you offer a quality premium service engage blogs and brands in the more popular networking groups or reach out to them on social media.

6. Make Money Making

Become A Maker. Making and selling custom products and craft items are starting to become a lucrative side business. With the sites like Etsy, eBay and Amazon its easier than ever to sell online and you don’t need to a web designer or SEO guru.

Chances are you have a hobby that can be turned into a lucrative side hustle.

  • Do you love to doodle? You can sell your art.
  • Do you have a green thumb? Raise plants and veggies sell the seedlings at the local farmers market?
  • Do you have some land? launch a vegetable patch side hustle (A small patch of lavender can make $1800 a year)
  • Have you been pining for a 3D printer, Auto CNC machine, or laser cutter? If you have the tools and skills you can make high-value products and home and sell them for a nice profit. The best part is you can make the products on demand so you do not need to carry inventory and let’s be honest you were going to buy that new “toy” anyway. 🙂

Online, your options are endless: you could 3D print custom game pieces, knit dice bags, or use a Cricket machine to make custom apparel. You can even make and sell non-geeky items like baby outfits, buttons or any craft imaginable; the options are limitless.

7. Make Money with Your Experience

Teach a class on SymposiumA symposium is one of the fastest real ways to make money online. The app connects anyone with expertise to a robust marketplace of users seeking experience. Experts sign up for a profile and can begin teaching classes or offering one-on-one consultations in a matter of minutes.

Once a session is completed money is immediately transferred to the seller’s debit card, doesn’t get much quicker than that.

Chances are you have experience in something; maybe you are in HR and know the common mistakes job applicants make, or maybe you enjoy fashion and make-up and mastered “the smokey eye.” People are willing to pay to learn from your experience, and Symposium is the platform that allows that to happen.

Anyone can use the App to make money quickly;

  • Fitness enthusiasts could launch workout coaching, nutritional coaching, or even virtually coach a spin class
  • Wellness experts can launch motivational or inspirational classes
  • Podcasters could offer special enhanced pay-per-view versions of their podcasts
  • Crafters and makers could teach classes on how to 3D print, use a Cricket machine, or even how to knit or crochet.
  • Cosplay fans could teach classes on how to make costumes or even give fans a behind the scenes peek at competitions.
  • Gamers could broadcast playthroughs, review games, or even offer to coach for more difficult game elements.
  • Tech’s and service pros could offer one-on-one troubleshooting

The best part is Symposium offers synergies with other side hustles. Makers can broadcast a how-to while making custom products for sale. Photographers can broadcast live from remote locations while prowling for photos, and flippers can broadcast auctions and markets, teaching others how to flip successfully.

Even a small audience can represent real profits. A live SymCast to 15 people for 20 dollars a piece is $300 dollars. Sure beats filling out surveys online.

How will you make money?

Noticeably absent from my list is “blogging”. I enjoy blogging and sharing with readers ways to save money, inspiring success stories and of course geek culture. However, blogging is not the path to quick money online. Despite what many bloggers and peddlers of courses may suggest, blogging is very hard work and it takes a sizable audience to make even a modest return.

Many of the blogs that claim otherwise have designed products or courses that they sell and launching a product online take time and resources. While owning a successful blog is a wonderful goal to pursue, you may need quick ways to make money to maintain cash flow until your blog or websites takes off.

By following these seven creative tips, you will be able to reach your financial goals in record time!

Republished with the permission of YourMoneyGeek.com.

3 thoughts on “7 super clever and easy ways to make money!”

  1. I really appreciate how practical most of these are. If you want to get into something long term, like a blog for money, it helps to get reps at simpler ways to make money online first.

  2. Just saying….. You could also

    Sell Yourself: Make Money from Your Body

    When it comes to making fast cash, few things are as effective as selling your body. And I’m not talking about the oldest profession. There are plenty of ways to legally make money from your body. You’ll get some fast cash, and, in some cases, your assets are renewable.

    1. Donate Plasma
    One of the easiest ways to make some cash regularly from your body is to donate plasma. Use DonatingPlasma.org to find a reputable location near you. You can receive anywhere between $20 and $35 a pint, and you can go twice in any seven day period, provided you wait at least two days in between. So, even if you only make the minimum, that’s $40 a week, or $160 a month. Not bad for a little fast cash.

    2. Sell Your Hair
    There is actually a market for human hair. It you have long hair — especially hair that is fairly healthy — you might be able to sell it. You can expect your hair to sell for between $10 and $30 an ounce, depending on the color and quality of your hair. One of the easiest places to sell your hair is eBay, but you can also check with local wig makers and doll makers.

    3. Donate Bone Marrow
    It’s a little harder to find a reputable place to make a bone marrow donation, but if you can find one you can make as much $450 for two days of your time. Be prepared, though: It can be painful.

    4. Donate Sperm
    Men can earn money through sperm donation. However, in many cases, you have to be willing to commit to six months of specific guidelines in how you can release your sperm, you can make up to $40 a donation. $40/month for six months isn’t too bad. If you don’t mind making less, some centers will pay less for a sample of lower quality.

    5. Donate Eggs
    Women can earn money for providing their eggs. The process is more difficult than sperm donation is for men, but it can also mean more cash in your pocket. If you are willing to give up some of your eggs, you could make a decent amount of money — especially if you can show that you have high intelligence and other desirable characteristics.

    6. Paid Testing
    Even if you don’t want to sell bits of yourself to make a quick buck, you can still use your body to earn a little money. Drug companies, cosmetic companies, and other companies pay humans to test their products. You might be paid $10 to $20 for coming in for a day, or you might be able to participate in a study that pays more for your willingness to participate over time. Just make sure you are dealing with a reputable clinic before you agree.

    7. Join a Focus group
    In some cases, all you need is your warm body to show up for a focus group. You can earn anywhere from $10 to as much as $200 an hour to participate in a focus group. I once participated in an hour-long interview session over the phone, and was paid $150 for my time.

  3. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for reposting this little gem! I especially like how filling out surveys and those smaller (micro)money generating items are not included.

    There are also a few other methods to earn continual income that can be considered as well:
    (1) Using AirBNB to rent out a room, or host an experience.
    (2) Transcribe articles (not mass amounts of money, but money can continually be earned).
    (3) Teach English online to students around the world (generally just need a bachelor’s degree).


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