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Friday Hits: Paying off My Cabin, No Longer Trying to Save

Year 2 of My Cabin Payoff Journey

“And while we’re not going up as often as we once did, the expenses don’t stop. We dropped $1,900 in January on gravel and road work up at the cabin. That’s in addition to the $3,857.21 we paid towards the mortgage that month.”


Focus on the Present

“For many FIRE folks, this can be a real stumbling block. We find out about FIRE, do a lot of reading, run the numbers, set up our savings, get our FI number, and then……wait. ”


Why I’m No Longer Trying to Save Money to Never Work Again

“Based on my current income growth trajectory outside of my day job I believe that I could hit close to $4,000 per month in post-tax income in about two years. That eliminates the need for me to stick it out in cubicle-land for another decade just to build a portfolio large enough so that I would never need to work again.”


Renters Pay Substantially More, While Owning Costs Less

CoreLogic reported that rent prices have skyrocketed since 2005. Meanwhile, the typical mortgage payment has actually decreased.


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