Monday’s Hits: Plan Your Retirement; Bonus or Raise?

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Today’s Features

9 Reasons to Track Your Networth

Sometimes it’s hard to notice much of a difference unless you go back and look at how far you’ve come from the beginning.”


Bonus or Raise: Which would you choose?

Within the last year, our director of operations asked me if I prefer receiving a bonus or a raise. Without giving it too much thought, I said I’d prefer a raise. As a result, I no longer receive bonuses but now receive more raises. After giving it more thought, I still choose raises overall, but let’s explore why.”


Rich’s Retirement Plan

I want travel, adventure, and good food. Mostly, I want the freedom and flexibility to decide later. I can’t be sure what 65-year-old Rich will want (or, more importantly, what 60-year-old Mrs. Rich will want), but I want enough dough to do whatever our future selves want to do. So how will I get there?”


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