Friday Hits: Saving 100k, Avoiding Dividends and Cutting Energy Costs

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Today’s Features

How to Save $100k: The Journey to This Incredible Milestone

“Below is my transparent journey to this financial milestone. 

You’ll see where I’m at currently, how I got where I am so far, and how I plan on crossing the $100k threshold.”

Why I Avoid Dividends like the Plague

“Free money added back to my account, regardless of the price of the fund? That sounds amazing! If the fund doesn’t go up, at least I’ll still have money in my pocket. As I’ve grown to learn more about dividend funds (and more importantly taxes), my position on dividends has shifted and now I avoid them as much as possible.”

How I Reduced My Electricity Bill
(By Installing Solar Panels)

“Installing solar panels and ultimately changing to a new retailer has by far the most impact in reducing my electricity bill. That is, compared to installing LED lights and looking for a better energy plan with the same retailer.”

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