30 Days to Great Finances!

in 30 simple steps. Yep, that's it. In 30 steps you can go from a financial zero to a financial hero. Our free email series “30 Days to Great Finances” is designed to take readers from the very basics of money management to the point where they set themselves up to become wealthy. No matter your age or stage in life, it is never too late to improve your finances, and these 30 steps will show you how to improve your financial well-being. For example:

  • If you're just starting out after graduating from college, these steps are perfect for you -- apply them now and you'll do very well financially over your lifetime.
  • If you're deep in debt and don't know how to make it to next week, these steps will help (a lot).
  • If you're a millionaire and want to make your finances even better, these steps will give you an extra boost.
  • And if you're older and looking for a way to slide into retirement financially healthy, these steps will get you there.

No matter what your financial situation, using the tips will make your finances better. You may be skeptical at this point. All I ask is that you read along each day and see for yourself. And did I mention it’s free? What’s the risk? I know the power of these steps because I've personally taken them over the past two decades and my finances are much as a result. I hope the same for you -- that you'll apply the steps and be able to reach the financial goals in your life. If you want to receive the series of emails (which are 100% free, by the way), you can sign up here: I'm excited for you! Great things are ahead!