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★ Dear Millennials, Let’s Be Friends. Sincerely, the Stock Market

"Without me your money doesn’t stand a chance." - ...

Kick-ass Ideas

★ Buy Nothing Day

"When advertisers hound you day and night, can you escape?" -

★ NFL Star Retires to Become a Farmer

"When we exist mostly to accumulate more money and the stuff that it can buy, rarely are we able to achieve the goal of maximizing our value as human beings."

Making Money

★ $100 Giveaway!

We're giving one of y'all a $100 Visa gift card! Click here to enter...


★ The Story of Two Turkeys

"Consider that the feeling of safety reached its maximum when the risk was at its highest." -

Debt, Something To Think About

★ What Your Credit Score REALLY Means

"A credit score is a measurement of the likelihood that creditors will make money by extending you credit."

Kick-ass Ideas, Making Money

★ A Fun Way to Make a Little Money – eBaytrage

"The basic idea of arbitrage is finding something that you can buy one place at a lower price and sell somewhere else at a higher price." -

Frugality, Most Popular, Saving Money

★ 21 Things Frugal People Do NOT Do

"On this journey to become more frugal without sacrificing quality of life, I’ve learned quite a few things..."

★ No Touchy.


★ The Hindu Triad of Budgeting

"These three budget expenses have the power to create, maintain, or destroy the Average American’s net worth."