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★ 25 Effortlessly Frugal Last Minute Halloween Costumes

"They are divided into three categories; zero effort, minimal effort, and so easy you should be ashamed of yourself."
- ...

Frugality, Kick-ass Ideas

Saving Money, Something To Think About

★ Check Out the Assets on Her!

"If your biggest concern in life is the expense ratios of your investments, talk to a divorce attorney and see if those fees are more palatable."
- EatTheFinancialElephant.com...

A Simple Way to Undo Money Mistakes

"You’ve lost the money, and that sucks, but your punishment is to earn it back while thinking about how you’ll not make the same mistake twice."
- FirstQuarterFinance.com...

Reactive vs. Proactive Income Streams

"Active income activities are generally reactive, while passive income activities are generally proactive."
- SideHustleNation.com...

Not Awesome

I Was Ripped Off By a Nun

"I am now wary of any request for money for any cause. My default answer is "I already gave."" - MessyMoney.com...

Living Your True Wealth

"What would happen if we had to walk around with our true wealth flashing as a number above our heads?" - NYTimes.com...

What a Millionaire Farmer Taught Me About Money

"​Figure out what works for you and look for opportunities accordingly."
- MoneyMiniBlog.com...


How To Start A Podcast In Under 2 Hours [Free Tutorial]

"Using these techniques I launched my podcast and hit the #1 podcast in all of iTunes in the Business and Marketing category within 4 hours."
- MyWifeQuitHerJob.com...

Debt, Something To Think About

Why You Must Make Peace with Your Financial Situation

"Virtually every day of our lives, we’re trained to lean towards something we don’t have, which essentially trains us to be dissatisfied with where we already are."
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What to Do With Your “Extra money” (Other Than Swim in it of Course)

"People are far more likely to value money less that they don't feel they have put in a large amount of effort to earn."
- AcademySuccess.com...