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★ How to Declutter Your Life in 84 Seconds

"Sometimes getting rid of stuff is more fun than having it in the first place." ...

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31 Fun [and FREE] Things To Do This Summer

"#1. Go on a home tour. You’ll get to see a bunch of different homes, get ideas for decorations and be out among the peoples." -

The Anchoring Effect

"The oldest retail con in the business."

We Are Only as Rich as The Environment We Live In

"If we were to move to a country like Thailand, India, or Vietnam with the money we have saved now, we’d be filthy rich."

Home Ownership

Why It’s So Hard To Get A Mortgage (According To a Loan Officer)

"4) We laugh at anybody who doesn’t have at least 20% down." -

I Don’t Want to Be Rich

"What is the point of being rich and having everything if that won’t really give me what I truly want in life: time."

Why Trading Time For Money is the Best Way to Make More Money

"The answer isn’t to stop trading time for money. Instead, you should try to start trading time for more money!"

Lessons From the Affluent

"#4) The 80:20 Rule – Save 20% of what you earn and live off the remaining 80%"

What You Can Learn From the HENRY’s

"Surprise, people who make a lot of money are no better at managing their money than the rest of us." -

The 45 Minute Rule

"If you will not use an item for at least 45 minutes per day, you do not need to own it." -