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Don’t Let Success of Others Keep You From Your Goals

"Count your wins. Write them down – every one... Each time you use a new money habit instead of an old, unhealthy one, document it,...

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DIY Crafts: Penny Marquee

"A penny saved is a penny earned, and I'm not above flaunting my financial prowess - even when it comes to gift giving."
- ShoestringMag.com...

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Intentional Spending for Happiness

"Acquiring more money requires more of your time, and having more time requires more of your money." - FlannelGuyROI.com...

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Life is a Game. This is Your Strategy Guide

"Real life is a game of strategy. There are some fun mini-games – like dancing, driving, running, and sex – but the key to winning is simply managing your resources."
- ...

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Are You a Satisficer or a Maximizer?

"Satisficers (yes, satisfice is a word, I checked) are those who make a decision or take action once their criteria are met. Maximizers want to make the optimal decision." - The Happiness Project...

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10 Things You Should Never Buy at the Dollar Store (and 10 You Should)

"Who doesn't love a trip to the dollar store? You walk in with five bucks, and you walk out with a bag full of stuff."
- Wisebread.com...

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30:30:30:10 – A Ratio For Living

"We stumbled across a rule on how to figure out if you liked your job or not. It was as simple in its elegance as it was beerily validated." - MisterSquirrel.com...

Six Money Seeds to Plant While Young

"Capital comes in many forms; three that matter most are: financial capital, social capital, and cultural capital."
- CashCowCouple.com...

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A Cool Way to Teach Kids About Money

"The object is creative ways to help your children learn to work for money, and then learn about money management through saving, spending and giving it away."
- ...

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The Diderot Effect – The Curse Of Upgrading Your Lifestyle

"As new items are bought, the remaining items appear less attractive in comparison. Each item on a wish list leads to another item, always ascending like an escalator."
- BoomerAndEcho.com...