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Think of Your Money as Bricks, Not Fuel

"Being bad with money means you use discretionary dollars to buy good feelings. Being good with money means you use them to build a life...

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Write a Letter to Yourself From the Future

"List all of the amazing things about your life that exist in the future. Spare no expense on the details of the future you. In this letter you lay out your ideal life."
- RichHabits.net...

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The 8 Beers of Personal Finance

"You know that beer that sits in the back of your fridge forever? Just like your emergency fund, dipping into it isn't as satisfying as if you had other options, but it is important in a pinch." - ...

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How to Rent Out Your Closet, Attic, Backyard, and Even Driveway

"Our house doesn’t have to just be a place we live, it can also be a cash generator."
- ThePennyHoarder.com...

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Are You a Compulsive Shopper? [Answer These 6 Questions]

"What if, instead, we only bought things that we loved?" - FrugalPortland.com...

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How Warren Buffett [Accidentally] Started Berkshire Hathaway

"I had no plans to start a partnership, or even have a job." - Forbes.com...

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The 50/30/20 Rule

"We have tried a few different budget plans, and they all worked ok, but we felt like they were lacking something..."
- RethinkingTheDream.com...

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3 Reasons to Start an Emergency Fund *First*

"You have to train yourself NOW to stop using the credit card. That isn't your money. It's someone else's money."
- StackingBenjamins.com...

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The Path To a Thicker Wallet: A Financial Routine

"I have set a personal finance day, well actually two days. These are the two days of the month where I pay bills, allocate savings, and plan my financial roadmap."
- ...

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The Easiest Way To Track, Pay & Organize Your Bills

"Let me introduce the Household Bill Binder. It's a simple method..... it's fast and it works. No filing!" - EchoesofLaughter.ca...