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The Dessert Trick

"Instead of dropping 400 dollars a month on random restaurants, we decided to just splurge on dessert."
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The Purchase That Makes You Go “Meh”

"There is that thing called cost per use. It is 100 times more important than the cost of the item."

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Why Short Term Goals Are the Way to Go

"While "pay down debt this year" seems like a great goal, it really isn't."

The Four Horsemen of Financial Independence

"Your primary focus MUST always be on increasing your cash flow." -

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How To Block Yourself From Your Credit Cards

"#3) Create a sleeve for your cards, or tape something to each one. Write your goals visibly on the outside." -

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Career Earnings vs. Career Savings

"Affluenza: Materialism in which one overworks to acquire stuff that adds to debt so one has to work harder."


The 5 Golden Rules of Investing

"When you first start to study a field, it seems like you have to memorize a zillion things. You don't. What you need is to identify the core principles that govern the field." - ...

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Use Value vs. Exchange Value

"The ongoing process of selling and donating things requires a tricky first step: deciding how to value an item."

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The Success Template

"I denounce the ideology that says that working every waking hour is the template of success. It's not." -

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Why I Paid Off My Mortgage

"The fundamental facets to becoming financially independent are: #1) Increasing passive income and #2) Decoupling needs from money (reducing expenses). My decision to pay off my mortgage negatively impacted #1, and positively impacted #2."
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