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8 Awesome Personal Finance and Investing Forums

"They can be a great place to ask questions, look for answers, and join a community."

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10 Thanksgiving Day Facts

"Sarah Hale, the author of "Mary Had a Little Lamb," was largely responsible for the establishment of the United States' Thanksgiving holiday and most of what we traditionally eat during it."
- ...

Learn From Your Coworkers Who Cannot Retire

"Unbeknownst to my coworkers, their issues serve as frequent reminders of the types of family and health situations that can derail a retirement goal like mine."

Frugality, Saving Money

11 Fun and Inexpensive Thanksgiving Traditions

"Make a Jar Full of Gratitude: Have each of your guests write down something they are thankful for on a piece of paper. Fold and collect them in a mason jar. During your dinner, pass the jar around and have each person pick a piece of paper and read it out loud." - ...

Budgeting, Debt, Home Ownership, Not Awesome

Financial Mistakes On House Hunters That Drive Me Insane

"The bank doesn't care anything about your budget or what you can truly afford."

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Money Doesn’t Buy Stuff. It Buys Choices.

"Wealth isn't about having stuff; it's about having opportunity. It buys the flexibility to quit jobs we hate, walk away from bad living situations, and plunge into new hobbies or projects." - ...

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“Regret Minimization Framework” – AKA Why Jeff Bezos Started Amazon

The cool (and quick) story on what made Jeff Bezos start Amazon :) 2+ min video...

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6 Things You Should Do With Your Money in Your 20s

"What if I told you that you could become millionaires by only investing from 22 to 30, and never invest another cent?"

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How Do You Grade Yourself?

"For some people, it's as simple as how much money they make. When their net worth is going up, they know they're doing well. For others, it's how much money they give." -