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How I Live in a 400 Sq. Ft. House

"By living in this small space, I’ve been able to reduce my rent to $100 per month plus utilities, which has enabled me to pay off...

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The McDonald’s Budget

"It starts by assuming a second income. Which, in a sense, proves that minimum wage isn’t quite a living wage... If it’s an attempt to make the case that this income is enough to survive, it clearly misses the goal." - ...

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How I Blew Through $100,000 Before I Turned 21

"I remember eating a lot of mall food, buying a lot of clothes at Abercrombie... and generally not looking at receipts. But I honestly could not tell you with any sort of accuracy where $35,000 of it went off to." - ...

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“I’d rather go to Starbucks”

"I’d rather go to Starbucks is a little game that my friends and I play when we really don’t want to go somewhere but don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings."

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If You Want to Make Easy Money, do Something Hard

"It's very easy to buy a share. It's very easy to start a blog. It’s very easy to take all your clothes off for a man who promises to introduce you to Hugh Hefner."

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How Giving Can Make You Richer

"If you have two families that are exactly identical - in other words, same religion, same race, same number of kids, same town, same level of education, and everything’s the same... the giving family will earn on average $375 more..." - ...


Min-Max Your Life

"A min-maxer tries to get the best results possible by putting maximum resources or effort into what’s most important, while investing as little as possible into things that don’t really matter." - Renewable...

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Secrets of Penny-Pinching Billionaires

"The founder of IKEA is worth more than $3 billion and he readily admits he’s tight with money. Kamprad flies discount airlines, drives a 15-year-old Volvo and has a house full of IKEA furniture, which he put together himself." - ...


Emotions of Financial Independence

"I’ve spent so many years building up my balances so the idea of actually taking money out is a bit frightening."
- Mad Fientist...

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How to Think About Money

"Stop thinking about what your money can buy. Start thinking about what your money can earn." - jlcollinsnh...