β˜… Rockstar Giveaway: Take This $20 and Double It!

20 bill challenge

Another day, another dollar! Or in this case, twenty dollars πŸ™‚ Welcome to another riveting game of “Let Me Win That!” starring, YOU! As part of our weekly giveaway series

I was thinking long and hard with how to give away this crisp Andrew Jackson, and to start the juices flowing I decided to first doodle one of my favorite phrases on it to see what it would inspire: “Do it.”

Two of the most simplest words, yet one of the most powerful phrases when combined. As one Shia LaBeouf surely appreciates himself.

So that was one part down, but do “what” exactly? Have sex? Start a budget? Call your mom? Have sex then start a budget and then call your mom?

I asked my friend Nate what he would do with $20, and he came back with a quick “make $40!” And just like that the stars aligned. “YES!” I shouted back. “$20 is fine, but $40 is even more fine! I bet my people would totally know a way to turn that $20 into double – I will make it the entry this week!”

And now here we are. Me talking to all my smarty friendsΒ to see who wants this $40 the most πŸ™‚ If it’s you, answer this one question below and you shall be entered to win:

If you only had one week, how would you turn this $20 bill into a $40 bill?

The person with the best answer wins, but only if you pinky swear to use it accordingly and report back. Bonus points if you end up making more off it, but if you make less you’ll need to pay it back… Just kidding πŸ™‚ But you will have to buy me a beer one day to make up for it!

Want a shot? Put your entrepreneur pants on and tell us how you’re going to double it!


GIVEAWAY OVER: Congrats to Logan for coming up with the most clever (and easiest) way I’ve seen yet! Haha… Scroll down to his comment and see how he’ll be pulling it off πŸ˜‰ Runner up awards to Bill Dwight, Jake and Bulldog who I hope will still give their ideas a shot and make that $$$.

UPDATE: Logan pulled it off πŸ™‚

doubled 20 dollars

PS: Click here to see who won last week’s giveaway, and most importantly, WHAT WAS IN THAT BOX!?

34 replies on “β˜… Rockstar Giveaway: Take This $20 and Double It!”

This is a tricky one J. My first inclination was that it would be invested in VFIAX and I could expect it to have doubled in about 7 years time. But with only 7 days to work with that isn’t an option. Since this is the season for removing Christmas decorations we’ve found that people are often willing to pay to have their Christmas lights taken down and put away for them. Who wants to go out in the cold and do that themselves? But since I have warm gloves and don’t mind boxing away holiday cheer I’m more than willing to do it for them – at a price. So this $20 would be used to fill up my tank with gas to get me to those in need of my assistance.

Step 1: Take a picture of the $20 bill.

Step 2: I would then take the $20 and buy a one month subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud (One App, Photoshop), and import the picture of the $20 bill.

Step 3: Create a $40 Bill from the template of the $20, changing Jackson’s image for one of J$, since a $40 bill does not currently exist in US currency.

Step 4: ???

Step 5: Profit!

That’s easy. You didn’t specify that it should be turned into US dollar. So I would take that 20 USD bill and change it to Guyanaese dollar which considering the current exchange rate would be around 4144 GYD. πŸ™‚

I think I would go to a garage sale and get a cheap desk or table, clean it up a bit, then resell it on craigslist or the like.

I would start a side hustle. I’d sign up to be an uber driver and use the $20 to fill up my car with gas. I think that by the end of the week I’d have at least $40 in income.

I was getting frustrated by all the chemicals in my skin and hair products, so I decided to start making my own. I enjoyed them so much that I made sets for my friends and family for Christmas. The reviews have been great so far! Since the cost of goods is relatively low, I would take the $20 to buy supplies and then sell $40 worth of products.

It appears I have “unclaimed property” held by the state of Oregon that ranges from $50 – $100. I have no idea what it is. If other oregonians want to check, here’s the site:

The process to claim the property is to print and fill out a form. Then get it notarized and mail it in for processing. If I win the $20, I’ll use it for the notary, driver’s license photo copy, stamp, and envelope which should be less than $20 at the UPS store. In theory this will pay me at least $50. But who knows for sure! I’ve always wanted to try this but never quite been motivated. If I win I’ll report back for sure.

You know – I had some family members do that the other year and they found like over $500 i wanna say combined. It def. works! So you should def. do it regardless πŸ™‚ The last time my wife did it (3 years ago?) she had around $100 waiting for her.

I am side hustling within my own industry. I need to improve my office looks a bit (image matters here) so I would put it toward a nicer business card holder and chairs. I think it would pay off quickly.

Buy a 40 case of water from a big box store for $3.99 plus CA redemption Value (5 cents per bottle), and a 20lb bag of ice. Ask my neighbor to borrow their ice chest and then educate my kids on how to make money work for itself by changing $6 into $40 by having them sell the water for $1 each during soccer practice/games. Practice is 4 days a week and games last all day Saturday.

This might sound fairly boring, but I would use the $20 and go to the thrift store to find items that I can fix up/clean up/paint, or simply wash and try reselling on eBay or Craigslist. I would really be interested to see what time of profit could be made on a whim like that and just $20!

I just made a bet with my co-worker that if I can win an online giveaway with a $20 payout that he owes me $20. If I don’t win then I have trade him chairs (little does he know that there are plenty more just like mine in the back room and even if I loose I’ll just trade in the piece of crap one he’ll give me because “it’s not ergonomically friendly for my back” ;))

Perfect arbitrage opportunity. I can create money for myself without having to do any work and not really having anything at stake.

I would take the $20 and visit the local coin show. Using my knowledge of coins I would search for some varieties, probably either an Indian Head Cent or a Mercury Dime ($20 would buy 1-2 good quality coins for many dates in these series; they also have lots of varieties). I would sell the coins online, probably on one of the coin forums I frequent in order to make the sale within the time frame (otherwise I would use ebay as another possible avenue).

Step 1: Win the $20 giveaway

Step 2: Ask my wife for $20

Boom….$40 just like that.

For a serious answer, I would take the $20 and either buy some cheap video games to flip or dig through the post-Christmas clearance racks at Target and see what I could flip online!


I consider myself a master at bank hustling! In the last year and a half, I’ve made nearly 4K by opening bank accounts in my spare time…not a bad side hustle since it takes so little time and effort and you’re often rewarded with cash of up to $500! So, there’s a new bank in my area offering $150 when you open an account, make a deposit and have a direct deposit. The $20 will be my opening deposit. Ya, I’ll have to be more patient than a week for my reward, but considering how much more I can make with a little patience, it’s fine by me πŸ˜‰
Ps: Good luck, everybody, with your awesome ideas!

Haha nice. I always admire people like you because I don’t have the patience to do it, nor do I like all my stuff scattered around like that. But my simplicity comes with the cost of not making extra side $$!

I’d buy a new ink cartridge for my computer. I easily save at least 20 dollars a month, probably more, by printing coupons for things I would buy anyway (groceries, yarn at the craft store, etc.), but the ink expense nags at me. I’ve tried refilling or using generic, but it always messes up my printer and it takes lots of work to get it back on track which eats up time I don’t want to waste. E-coupons don’t always work at the store I shop at, though I try my best to do those first. Until I find a better printing solution, I invest in the real ink. Sigh πŸ™‚

****Giveaway Over!****

Congrats to Logan for winning $40 the easiest way I’ve seen, haha… (scroll up to check out he’s pulling it off :)). Runner up awards to Bill Dwight, Jake and Bulldog. I think all of y’all need to try it out and make that $$$!

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