★ The Only 2 Ways to Get Rich

"Rich" is one of those words that feels so BIG it seems impossible to comprehend let alone achieve. But earlier this week, Side Hustle Nation shared a video that makes it seem much more doable. (So doable, in fact, that the video is only 50 seconds long!) Check it out... Here's what it says:

There are only two ways to get rich: make more or desire less. That’s it. Want to accelerate the process? Do both! Get a raise. Freelance. Sell something. Invest in yourself. In other words: HUSTLE. And on the other side: d__on’t buy crap you don’t need. Hint: that’s almost everything. But here’s the deal... You get to define what rich means to you. And how you define it __makes all the difference. Choose wisely.

What do you think? How would you define "rich"? :)