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100 vanilla gift card

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What’s up, money lovers! Came across a fancy $100 Gift Card while tidying up my office, and figured since I obviously wasn’t missing it at all, I wouldn’t miss it if I were to give it away to one of you fine people either ;)

So up for grabs today is my $100 Vanilla Gift Card! Usable anywhere Mastercard is accepted, and for whatever your sexy little heart desires.

I got it in a fun package Capital One sent me for being an “influencer,” and since they’re all about getting adventurous and living it up this year, I thought we’d keep the theme going and learn more about y’all today.

So if you’d like a chance at winning this, answer today’s question:

How would you use this $100 to create your own adventure? To do more, see more, taste more, try more, live more or love more than ever before?

Give it some thought, and then let us know in the comments below and we’ll pick our favorite answer a week from today. And hopefully the rest of you still embark on those adventures as we can’t just save and invest our money all the time! Life > Money > Stuff!

UPDATE: So many GREAT ideas out there y’all!! Loved reading them! We could only pick one winner, however, and our randomizer chose Dana Hargrove – congrats, Dana!


PS: Thanks to #CapitalOneBank for the goodies, and hopefully it’s okay I’m paying it forward ;)

PPS: To see who won last week’s giveaway, click here.

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Last modified: May 3, 2017

100 Responses to :
★ Rockstar Giveaway: $100 Gift Card!

  1. Erika says:

    I’d use it to (more professionally) kick off my organizing business! Business cards, journals for my clients, and advertising!

    1. Today is my 41st birthday. If I won this gift card, I would use it our trip next month to Puerto Rico, in order to offset part of the cost to eat on our trip and live a bit larger than we normally would. Thank you, Dan

  2. Katie Koziel says:

    I would use the $100 to go with my husband on the best 1st wedding anniversary adventure ever. We live in an area that has tons of things to do but because we are both incredibly busy with our careers as well as second jobs and taking over the family business of running a produce farm we don’t always get the opportunity to explore the surrounding communities. We have grown up and still live in the same community and it is a big part of our lives so being able to explore it and the others around us would be wonderful.

    1. J. Money says:

      Produce farm – nice! I would love to learn more about how those work, financially related?

      1. Katie Koziel says:

        It has been an exciting adventure! When my father-in-law was running it he typically worked with local grocery stores and a few distribution centers in Chicago. However, he passed away in 2016. We took 2016 off because of this and our wedding which was 4 months after his passing. This season we will work with a single distribution center in Chicago. They have set prices of course, typically though, produce that is the most work has the greatest ROI, meaning very manual, hand planted and hand picked. If you have any specific questions feel free to email me @ timandkatie.koziel@gmail.com

  3. Jody says:

    I need to re-do my passport since my divorce, but have been using my money for other post-divorce needs, saving, paying of my legal fee, etc. To me passport=adventure, and $100 would almost cover it (IIRC, it is $105).

  4. dana Hargrove says:

    I would use it to book a trip on Florida State Parks Website, 6 months in advance because it is the only way to get a spot, to… wait for it…. the Florida Everglades to tent camp! I know, I know, spiders, mozzies, snakes etc etc, but if you book it for January, there are few, so said a park ranger we met one time. Anyway, it is on my DH and I’s wishlist and these bux would get us there and a site booked with leftovers for marshmallows and chocolate :) Save the Everglades!!!!!!!!

    1. J. Money says:

      That’s awesome :)

  5. Linda says:

    I would take my family to hike Cloudland Canyon in Georgia and stay in a yurt. This has been on our family bucket list for a while, and I would love to surprise our boys with this adventure!

    1. J. Money says:

      I always wanted to stay in one too!!! Very cool idea!

  6. Lisa Brown says:

    I would use it to have an “adventure” wine tasting at a few of the vineyards in my area this summer. It’s fun to learn about grapes, growing them, and making wine; it’s something I have not yet done since moving to this area.
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  7. Brett says:

    I’m currently planning out a travel hacked adventure to Spain and Portugal next year. Points and miles via credit card sign ups for the flights and hotels but $100 would help cover the unavoidable taxes and fees. Its frugal and adventuresome!

  8. Aaron says:

    I’d give it to my favorite charity. Thanks.

  9. Alice Sibley says:

    I would use it to sign up for Blue Apron or another meal delivery service like that. I cook a lot at home but get bored with the same old recipes and with boredom comes takeout (which definitely busts the budget). So I would choose a culinary adventure and try out some new meals and flavors.

  10. Mary says:

    I would continue my Airstream adventure! $100 would secure several nights of campground fees for me and my dog in my vintage (1963) Airstream. This will probably be the last summer of adventure for my elderly sweet boy and we hope to make the best possible memories while he is still able.

    1. J. Money says:

      Awwwww that sounds fantastic :)

      Do you follow Steve’s blog? He recently retired (at 35!) and is roaming the country in his (newer) Airstream: http://thinksaveretire.com

      1. Mary says:

        I do! He’s awesome and I’m just a tiny bit jealous of his full time adventure. Hope to join his ranks someday! :)

  11. Nancy L Black says:

    I”d buy a lifetime pass to all the National Parks, and visit them to feed my soul and mind with goodness and refreshing space!

  12. I would use it to pay for my friend’s dirt bike race expenses because I enjoy watching him race.

  13. Carla Flaim says:

    After a year full of surgeries and long recoveries, I would take my wife on an adventure to Shenandoah National Park for some much needed fun and relaxation. We have had to dip into emergency savings to cover some of the health-related expenses so there hasn’t been any money for a hotel night.

    1. J. Money says:

      I’m so sorry o hear :(

  14. Rafael Cosmo says:

    I would buy professional camping and hiking stuff to take a sabbatical year from my job and enjoy the world and the people here in south america!

  15. April Farrell-Hasty says:

    I would give it to my husband. To treat himself. He was unemployed for six months we used a lot of our savings. I am very ill and not working. He’s been taking care of me. The house, the dogs. Being selfless.

  16. Great idea, J$! Mmm, let’s see, what would I do with an extra $100?

    I would do a ziplining course because I’m terrified of heights and I need to live a little. :) That, of course, has a Groupon, so I’d use the rest of the $100 to drive to the beach, which is something I keep saying I’m going to do.

  17. OnlyWant1thing says:

    Thank you for your generous giveaway!
    I know a young man, age 26, who is being released from jail next week. He has been in and out of jail for approximately the past 3 years, which has been absolutely heart-breaking to watch. This last time in, there has come a mighty change over his head and his heart, and has become a new person, and is ready to make a worthy contribution to society.
    $100 would help him establish a new life by being able to buy bus passes so he can start working a job.

    1. J. Money says:

      Excellent use of the $$… In fact, I’m going to ping you on the side about this more, keep your eyes open for an email from me.

  18. Jen M says:

    My husband and I have had a crazy stressful couple of months, and I’d use $100 on a night at a hotel in the nearby city where we can spend time walking around town together and just relaxing/reconnecting.

  19. Kaleigh says:

    $100 would be useful for fueling an adventure (read: buying groceries in Iceland -> how much skyr could we buy for $100?) prior to our adventure road trip in Iceland in June!

  20. Julie says:

    This is awesome that you do these giveaways. Love seeing how people use (or would use) $100. Over here, my son wants to start a business with a product for tournament (serious) chess players he came up with. He is wanting to become a grandmaster, and although everyone says you can’t make a living off of chess alone…his parents think if he’s creative enough in the ways he makes money with chess, he certainly can. Would love to give him $100 to jumpstart his dreams.

    1. J. Money says:

      He’s got smart parents :)

  21. Noelle says:

    I’d use it to cover the cost of registering myself onto the dragonboat team some of my family members are putting together in memory of my uncle. The tournament is a fundraiser for the CancerCare Society so the remainder would go towards the team’s fundraising goals.

    It would be a fun weekend spending time with my cousins, making some new friends, getting some exercise, and raising funds for a good cause!

  22. Sherri says:

    I guess this would fall under “love more.” I would use it to help with move-in expenses for my partner and I, since we are moving in together in a few months! Psst. Does a date night to counteract the stress of moving a bunch of crap count as a move-in expense? ;)

  23. Monique White says:

    I’d use it to put towards a nice camera. My daughter, and first born, will be born in June and I want to be able to capture every moment. I also live in the beautiful Bay Area and would love to take pictures of the scenery and food I eat and share them on my blog.

  24. Brandi Baysinger says:

    I would use it to take my husband and son on a fun trip this summer. Our birthdays and anniversary are fairly close together so I am planning a fun weekend with a great train ride on the 1880s Train and stay over in one of our great tourist towns in the Black Hills of SD. We have never had a family trip like this and I am pretty excited to spend the time with them.

  25. Marty Shankle says:

    I would use the $100 to cover the fees associated with adopting a new puppy. Since we moved into our new home my wife has been so excited to get a new puppy for our fenced in backyard. Speaking as someone who has had dogs their entire life, getting a new puppy is one of the ultimate adventures.

  26. Christopher says:

    I am going to Mexico for my 30th birthday and I would use this $100 gift card to treat my wife to a massage by the ocean for all the hard work she does for our family.

    Even though the trip is to celebrate me and my birthday I would really love to treat her for being the best friend i’ve hever had.

  27. Mary says:

    I own a small property in the country where I keep horses. For the last two years, I have been fostering horses for a local equine rescue. I enjoy seeing the horses blossom in my care and then moving on to permanent adoptive homes. Horse care is expensive, and I would be thrilled to have a $100 gift card to use towards their feed/vet/ farrier/ equipment/training costs!

  28. I’d buy my lego figures some friends and take them all on a road trip! And if you think it’s weird for an adult to play with lego figures, it’s for my blog…really, I promise it is.

    1. J. Money says:

      I now believe you after seeing your J. Money legos! :)

  29. Amanda Heather says:

    I would use it for gas on a road trip from Ohio to Colorado. My boyfriend and I are planning to move there and want to go check out Colorado Springs this summer.

  30. Chris Murray says:

    I would use it to put the gas in my car to drive the country. I recently just returned from a deployment overseas and I would love to do a full country road trip with me, my camera, and my drone for a visual, meditative and therapeutic nationwide exploration to see all that I can and capture views not all often seen to share!

    1. J. Money says:

      Oh damn! That would be incredible!

      And thanks for serving our country, sir.

  31. I’m starting to gear up for long distance hiking again, my goal is a thru hike on the Appalachian Trail. Its been years since I’ve been able to do big hikes and my desk job is making me miss it more and more each day, especially as I see the weather improving so rapidly. But the gear has always been a huge roadblock. I need to replace quite a bit of my gear with smaller, more light weight options. Recently I’ve been thinking about ditching my tent, sleeping pad, and tarp and converting to a camping hammock. But they are a bit out of my price range right now. So this $100 would go towards investing in a backpacking Hennessy Hammock.

  32. JMC says:

    I would use this $$$ to drive up the Pacific Coast, heading northbound to San Francisco for the summer

  33. Ana says:

    I’d use it to buy a beginner’s improv course. As scary as improv and performing sounds, I think it’ll allow me to face many of my fears head-on, but in a safe and incredibly positive environment. I’ve gained so much great advice about saving and being financially literate from your blog, but I’m still hung up on how to make more money. I think improv might be a great place to start building up that needed confidence.

    1. J. Money says:

      I give you MASSIVE balls for that one. Very courageous taking it head on – I hope you do it!

  34. Christina says:

    I would use it to take my parents out to a nice dinner. The recession has been hard on them (they were both self-employed) and they worked really hard to get out of debt and they are in a much better financial place. They are amazing people.

  35. Vishwak says:

    I’d donate $50 to the local LA library where I gain so much knowledge borrowing books and remaining $50 for a kids chair for 1.5 yrs kid :)

  36. Amanda Page says:

    I would spend the $100 on a day on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. I’m going to the UK for three weeks this summer, and I want to do things there that I don’t do enough in my real life in the states. Something about sea kayaking off the Isle of Skye really appeals to me, as does paddling on Loch Ness. I’m definitely going to the Faery Glen, as well, and transportation there isn’t free. I just want to be in awe for as long as possible on this trip. I live in a city that rips out trees and buildings that are over fifty years old every chance it gets. I want to marvel at something ancient. That’s what I’d spend it on. I’d spend $100 to marvel.

    1. J. Money says:

      Beautifully said :)

  37. Linda Albarran says:

    How awesome. I would use it to take the kids out to dinner. Thanks a bunch.

  38. Marcia Carli says:

    I would use it to give my Mom a fabulous Mother’s day this year since she fell and is in a rehab for physical therapy right now. I could buy her all her favorite things!

  39. Jorge says:

    My daughter is a first grade teacher in a rural district in Mississippi. I would give it to her to buy school supplies for her students.

  40. Laura says:

    I’ve been thinking about how tough it is to monetize content – there are a lot of smaller, individual-owned online resources I really enjoy, and whenever they try to make a little money – say, by using referral links or charging a nominal fee for a monthly service – it seems that they get a lot of pushback. So, I’d like to use the giftcard to either buy something from or make a donation to the online providers whose services I so appreciate.

    1. J. Money says:

      As someone who works entirely online, I salute you :)

  41. Brian says:

    I’m going to spend it on a 4-week wine tasting class near me!

  42. Robynn says:

    My husband and I have been saving to take our dream trip for our 10th anniversary. The gift card would go toward hiking to Everest Base Camp and having a celebratory beer once we get there.

  43. Beth says:

    I’d use $100 to take a Microlight /Ultralight plane flight around the temples of Angkor in Cambodia this spring!

    1. J. Money says:

      daaaaang that would be amazing!

  44. Jared says:

    My wife and I save about 30% of our income between retirement and college fund. I’d like to treat myself and go and buy mirco brew beer at Living the Dream brewery here in Colorado. The grid to building wealth is difficult, this would be nice reward.

    If you’re​ in Colorado, who wants to come over for a beer????

    1. J. Money says:

      Pretty much every FIRE blogger I know loves craft beer :) And a handful of them are in Colorado too! Mr Money Mustache, Mr 1500 days…

      In fact, some bloggers have taken it farther and *invested* in microbreweries who now get unlimited free beer from them anytime they visit. Now that’s an investment! :)

  45. Angela says:

    I would use it for some camper upgrades. My family recently purchased a sweet 90s camper. It’s in great shape, but needs some touches to make it more comfortable and personalized for our adventures this summer!

  46. So simple- I would like to donate the money to our church to build a church In Hati . This is our church project for 2017! Thank God my hubby and I are very blessed in retirement and do not need a single thing. I would like to bless others by sharing this money to spread the gospel with others less fortunate. Blessings to you and Capital1 for the giveaway.

    1. J. Money says:

      Sounds like a beautiful mission :)

  47. B.Watson says:

    I’ve been wanting to get the California State Parks Historian Passport for a while but I’ve never been able to pull the trigger on the $50 price tag. The pass gives family admission to 34 state parks/historical sights/trails/day use areas and is good for a year. Hubs and I have decided that we want to show the kiddos that experiences and family are more important that money and physical things. Finally getting the pass (and an extra $50 for gas) would get us on that path in time for summer travels. :)

  48. Alexa says:

    I love living in San Diego. Because the city is so great, it is easy to get stuck in our routines and eat at the same restaurants, see the same sites, hike the same trails. I have lived here for 5 years and I have never crossed the boarder to explore Baja and TJ. I would use the money and commit to a Saturday eating lobster burritos and exploring the town. The money will come in handy while I am sitting in the car waiting to cross the border (I heard the wait time ranges from 2-5 hours).

    1. J. Money says:

      The last time I was there I almost got mugged, haha… Apparently it’s not as safe at night anymore like it used to be? (we grew up in Cali and would walk across the boarder into TJ once a month or so w/ my family… was always so much fun!)

  49. Teresa says:

    Thanks for the generosity!
    I would use it to support local food bank charities. Many grocery stores in our area offer prepackaged, non-perishable food items at $10 or $20. The number of people rely on food banks to feed their families has been increased a lot. I would do more because I would go to different stores and love more because I would be happy to see more families get benefit from it.

  50. Sheila Smith says:

    I just saw a post on facebook about a lady that is walking 10 miles everyday around town because of a medical condition. The business, Torch Bistro, was asking if anyone had extra size 6 running shoes around because she’s wearing out her shoes quite fast. I’d hand the $100 over to this lady so she could buy her a new pair.

  51. zack says:

    I would take my daughter to Fairy Stone state park in VA to look for ” fairy stones” she’s obsessed with fairies and rocks, it would make me Dad of the year and her 6th birth day is in 9 days.

    1. J. Money says:

      Ohhhh wow!!! my boys love fairy stuff too and we’re in Maryland! Going to look that up right now – thank you!

  52. Natalie says:

    I have just become debt free. Hooray! I have saved enough money to visit my daughter in Italy this summer and I would use the gift card to take her to dinner on her birthday.

  53. AB says:

    We are preparing for a move to a new state. The move comes with certain risks, including not being sure about employment on the other end, as well as plenty of costs associated with the move itself! It’s one heck of an adventure :) But it’s a risk we are willing to take, to be closer to family, live the life we want to lead, and focus on loving a whole lot more :)

  54. Bela says:

    The “adventure” I’d likely do: Gas and groceries. The adventures I’d consider: Haven’t been to a restaurant with my husband in a couple of months, so we could do that. Also saw something that made me realize that photography can be a profession and not merely a hobby, so I could consider getting an actual camera rather than using a cell phone for taking pictures.

  55. Josh says:

    $80 would buy tickets for my wife & I to visit Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC on Mother’s Day and the remainder would buy a meal at a local restaurant.

  56. Samantha says:

    I’ve always wanted to indoor skydive with my son…I’d love to surprise him with the experience.

  57. Jackson says:

    $100 would get us the supplies needed to fix the tile in our guest bathroom. We’re trying to rent it out and replacing the outdated tile would really sell the place. It’s pepto pink. I say this is an adventure, because I’ve never done tile work.

  58. Jen says:

    I have a goal to travel to 30 countries by the end of my 30th year, and I am still two short (hit my 28th on the day of my 30th birthday)! Planning on hitting 29 & 30 sometime this Fall/Winter (either Central America or Eastern Europe), so I would put the $100 towards tickets to these destinations!

  59. HS says:

    I see a tiny house dream in my future retirement. While taking some online free workshops and watching YouTube videos, I would use it to get tools for my adventure.

  60. Shane says:

    I have pretty big dreams but it’s only a $100 so I think I would use it to upgrade mine and my wife’s seat on Spirit Airlines on our upcoming trip to Seattle. I was going to book Southwest but didn’t win the drink tickets so I went for the cheaper flight. But now the awesome aura surrounds this beautiful vanilla giftcard that will for sure put us in the 2 front seats on the aircraft with priority boarding which allows us to get on first and let everybody ogle at us in our much larger seats #BALLER!

  61. Arun says:

    I recently moved to Netherlands and found that most of the people bike to work here. Bus commute is expensive (costs about 4 Euros roundtrip) to office. The bus stops are not very near to where I stay and the frequency of bus is not convenient either. I NEED the 100$ card to buy a used bike (a good used bike costs about 150 to 200 Euros), so that I can save a bit and go the Dutch way to work. What’s adventurous is the ride to work everyday in cold weather (about 1 to 3 degree Celsius) against a freezing wind!!!

    1. J. Money says:

      You are braver than I :)

  62. Margaret Gibb says:

    I would use this to make an adventure for myself, my son and nephew. We would reserve a cabin in the NYS Park System and do some hiking and smores. The weather has finally turned spring-ish in Upstate New York so it’s perfect for camping!

  63. Jonathan Bunting says:

    Start a bluehost account and get on top of build my website, take the extra $10 and but flowers for my fiancée for supporting my dreams.

  64. Krissy says:

    I would use it to buy tickets to a Counting Crows and Matchbox 20 concert (#tbt 90’s greats!) for my mom’s Mother’s Day present. I’m starting grad school this summer, so this will be something to look forward to when all I have time to do is eat, sleep, work, and study for the next few months. Plus, my 30th birthday is right in the middle of my summer class so this will be a delayed birthday present for me too!

    1. J. Money says:

      The lead singer of that dang band hit on the girl I was trying to woo in college, haha… Was literally right in the middle of a conversation with her helping prep the concert, and he walks right up and stares magically into her eyes and that was that! Can’t ever listen to the band the same :)

  65. I would use it to cover registration fees for the Bonefrog obstacle course race this summer. All 5 feet of me tackling military style obstacles? You bet! That’s why I’m called 5 Feet of Fury. ;)

  66. Gwendolyn Jordan says:

    I would use it when I go to Gatlinburg

  67. Val says:

    I’d take the hubs out on a surprise outing that would include a really fun by pricey restaurant I’ve been eyeing.

  68. Tyneisha says:

    I’d put it toward a family road trip!! I told myself that this year, I wanted to take the time to really explore my beautiful state of California. We may not have all the answers financially or politically, but our natural wonders are second to none! So with an extra Benjamin in my pocket we’d load up the kids, pack some grub, and go see what trail, beach, cove, or park we can discover next!

  69. Lindsay says:

    If I were gifted this $100, I would use the funds to create fun memories with my son. My husband and I decided to be a one income family this past year so he could stay at home with our son. It’s the best decision we have ever made for our family. However it does come with financial restraints. We love spending time together more than anything doing things that don’t cost money, but I would use this $100 to take us to the local adventure park, waterslide park, the zoo, and create lifelong lasting memories. Thank you for the opportunity to apply!

    1. J. Money says:

      I love it when dads stay home sooooo much. Such a blessing!

  70. Ebony says:

    My boyfriend and I are going to Iceland in a few weeks, so I would use this money towards our trip. We’re hoping to do some whale watching!

  71. Courtney says:

    One of my goals this year is to take my husband out on more adventure weekends. Our first one is to my hometown to visit my parents and it might be nice to take them out for a meal and a beer tour. I think the giftcard would be put to wonderful use. :)

  72. Tonya Atkinson says:

    I would use the card to try a new restaurant that serves food from a different ethnicity than I am used to.

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