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The Physician Philosopher is a husband, father to three little philosophers, and a blogger who writes about obtaining wealth without forgetting why, which is to obtain a life well lived. He is an author, inventor, and craft beer lover. He also happens to work as an academic attending physician in anesthesiology 50-60 hours per week.


Sept. 19th, 2018 Features

★ What is Life When No Longer Defined By Work? ★ Is Saving Money Worth Losing Time? ★ 4...

Sept. 18th, 2018 Features

★ This Is Why It’s So Hard for So Many of Us to Pay Off Debt ★ It’s Never Too Late To...

Sept. 17th, 2018 Features

★ Why One Woman Left A Corporate Job and a 6 Figure Income ★ It’s Ok To Have Dark Early...

Finally, a Budget You’ll Actually Want to Follow

By: Stacy Rapacon | Grow You can probably give a lot of reasons why budgets haven’t worked for you in the past. You’re busy. You have an aversion to...

Building Wealth

4 Big Financial Mistakes We Made on Our Road to FIRE (& 4 Things We Got Right)

By: Retire by 45 Sure, my wife, Allison, and I were able to retire in our early 40s.  And yes, that was a pretty big accomplishment for us (and anyone,...

General Finance

This Is Why It’s So Hard for So Many of Us to Pay Off Debt

By: Bob Sullivan | Grow Getting to debt-free is an important part of taking control of your money. Not only is debt a huge barrier to building wealth, but it...


Why We Don’t Follow Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps

By: Pennies To Wealth When we started our journey towards financial freedom in 2015, Dave Ramsey was one of the first people we ‘met’ that helped us get...


How to Get Free Traffic from Rockstar Finance Without Getting Featured

Note: This post details how to get free traffic from Rockstar Finance. If you’re interested in additional ways to drive traffic to your site, you might...

How to Write Rockstar Content

Rockstar Finance is known for picking the very best and most unique content available in the money blogosphere. Have you ever wondered what it takes to write a...

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