Six Rules on Becoming a Millionaire

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Six Rules on Becoming a Millionaire

“#4. Grow your income so taxes become your largest expense, but your lowest expenditure. I don’t understand how people are excited they didn’t pay retail for items yet willing to pay retail on taxes. I take advantage of every tax write off afforded, when tax season rolls around I read various tax books to lower my liabilities. It’s boring shit, if someone gave you a book to read and you had to recite it back at a rate of $200 bucks an hour for 10 hours would you do it? That’s how much extra in tax savings I earn from reading about the tax law changes and planning for next year.”

Check out all 6 rules here:

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  1. Jeremy July 28th, 2014 at 9:28 pm

    This one actually sounds a lot like some of the points made in The Millionaire Next Door.
    Whenever I see the same advice in multiple spots I take note. It usually means the advice is worthwhile. – Jeremy


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