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The Honey app is by far the easiest and most straightforward way to automatically find discounts and use coupon codes that I've ever seen. Period.

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Who it’s for: Anyone who likes saving money while shopping online.

Ease of use: Install the Honey app directly into your web browser and let it do all the work!

What I liked about it: Makes finding coupon codes insanely easy. Just click a button right before checkout and Honey will do all the searching – and applying – of the coupons right there for you. It literally takes seconds.

What I didn’t like about it: It doesn’t support all online retailers, and sometimes it doesn’t find the best price.

Where to find it:

JoinHoney.com | FREE

Automatically Dig Up and Apply Coupons
and Discounts Online!

Warren Buffett once said, “There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult”. Apparently, the makers of Honey took Buffett’s quote personally.

The Honey app is by far the easiest and most straightforward way to automatically find discounts and use coupon codes that I’ve ever seen. Period.

Honey is a browser-based extension designed to automatically find and apply coupon codes before you check out at some of your favorite online stores. Nearly 4 million shoppers are already use Honey.

In the past, I’ve Googled for coupon codes and tried my best to apply them manually to my order. Most of the time they never worked. But even when they did, the task was tedious. I knew that most coupon codes would not work, but it was like a game: finding a coupon needle in a haystack!

Honey automates this process. Now, finding coupon codes is simple and fast.

I use and love Honey, and I know J. Money does too. He told me the browser extension routinely saves him anywhere from $3.00-$6.00 a pop whenever it’s able to find a coupon code for him. That’s free money!

How Honey Works

honey appHoney is a browser plugin that runs behind the scenes while you’re out and about shopping online. They work with Amazon.com, Etsy, Levis, Disney, and a slew of other places. Install it into your browser once and you’re done.

Then, just shop as you normally do!

A list of all the retailers they support can be found at the bottom of their website: JoinHoney.com

Before checking out, Honey will attempt to apply as many coupon codes to your order as it can – automatically.

One after the next, Honey will exhaustively try its entire database of coupon codes for that retailer. It only takes a few seconds to complete. After Honey does its magic, your shopping cart will reflect the coupons and their associated discounts. You don’t have to do a thing.

I remember shopping at Walgreens.com a couple of weeks back for custom photo prints, and before placing my order Honey ran through its database and applied a coupon that saved me 35% off my entire order without me even asking. I honestly forgot I had Honey installed and was prepared to pay full price! That’s the beauty of Honey.

It’s 100% free, and available for all major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera) except for Internet Explorer.

Discounts, Discounts, Discounts

There are a TON of discounts and coupon codes available that most people don’t even know about. After creating a Honey account and logging in, Honey’s main page turns into a discount dashboard, showing you some of the coupons from online retailers they’ve recently partnered up with.

Here is a look at my ‘Discount Dashboard’. On the right, you will notice that JCPenney’s coupon code worked 40 seconds ago. Underneath that, another Groupon code worked a minute ago. At CVS Photo (on the left), a photo coupon code worked within the last couple of hours.

Click the ‘View [X] new codes button on the top right to keep updated on every coupon code that currently works. Everything is set up to be as simple and easy to use as possible.

Honey Gives You Cheaper Alternatives

I love Honey’s ability to automatically apply coupon codes. But I also appreciate cheaper alternatives on the items that I am already looking for.

This is also something Honey excels at. For example, the other day I was on Amazon looking for a new ladder. I found one I liked, and Honey recognized what I was looking at and suggested I buy a ladder through a different Amazon seller for nearly $17 cheaper. Brilliant!

Look for this Honey icon that appears on many Amazon.com product pages:

Obviously, the “Save” amount will differ, but you can click the button for a full look at whatever cheaper alternatives Honey finds you as you’re searching online.

In this same example above, I could save $16.71 by purchasing the ladder through another Amazon seller. Notice the direct comparison between the products. The price is almost the same, but free shipping is included with the one that Honey recommended.

Click the ‘View price history’ link towards the bottom to view a price graph for the last 30 days (this link brings you to the Honey website in a new browser tab).

This product alternatives feature is super cool and one that I’ve used quite a bit. It always helps me to make the very best decision on where I can find the best deal.

“Honey Gold” Points

Another cool feature: Honey will shoot you cash back on certain items. They get a commission on particular items that you buy, and anytime you purchase one of them they will split it with you. They do this in the form of “Honey Gold” points, which you can then turn around and redeem for cash.

Offers are only available at certain websites, but are easy to pick out.

Just look for the  “Honey Gold” badge.

The Downside to Honey?

The only real downside to Honey is that sometimes it can’t find a better price. There may not be a coupon code available, or the online retailer may not be supported by Honey yet. After all, it is next to impossible to support all retailers everywhere.

Remember though that it doesn’t cost you a thing to use Honey. It just stays in your web browser ready to be put in action anytime you go shopping. When it finds you some free money to grab, great! And when it doesn’t, at least you know it tried and you can then just carry on with out it or try your own luck Googling around. It’s all better than no one looking for coupons at all!

Give ’em a shot!

The power of the internet and crowdsourcing is getting better and better, and Honey has made the complete couponing process incredibly easy. If you’re tired of manually searching Google every time you shop, Honey can be your answer.

Activate the app within seconds here: JoinHoney.com
(It’s 100% free)


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2 responses to ★ Rockstar Review: Honey (Browser Extension for Saving!)

  1. Mrs. Picky Pincher March 28th, 2017 at 11:29 am

    Oooooooh, I really like this!! I always scour the internet for coupons when buying stuff online. It’s fine, but I hate happening upon spammy websites with coupons that don’t even work. Seems like a smart solution!


    • Steve Adcock March 28th, 2017 at 1:49 pm

      Yup! This is one of the few browser plugins that I actually USE. Makes it so much easier to find coupons and use them. It’s not 100% effective, but then again, nothing truly is. :)


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