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★ Sell! Sell!! Sell!!! Sell?
By | April 24, 2017

“Fidelity reportedly conducted an internal performance review of accounts held between 2003 and 2013 to find which did the best. The results: First: Dead people. Second: People who forgot they had the account.” Team Rockstar Bringing you the best of money! After […]

★ Make More Money: The Video Game
By | April 21, 2017

“Many, many people will be stuck in level 1 or 2 for their entire lives. Why? Because in order to ‘level up’ to level 3 you need to collect enough resources to advance.” Team Rockstar Bringing you the best of money! After […]

★ Why Millennials Shouldn’t Care About Dividend Investing
By | April 21, 2017

“The idea of investing in a stock that pays a dividend is NOT a bad thing. What IS a bad thing when you are a young investor, is investing in a stock BECAUSE it pays a dividend.” Team Rockstar Bringing you the […]

★ Your Financial Brushstrokes
By | April 20, 2017

“I want people to stop talking about money like it’s a mystical creature, appearing out of nowhere to bless people with down payments and groceries.” Team Rockstar Bringing you the best of money! After you’re done reading this awesome article, head to […]

★ How Warren Buffett Accidentally Started His Company
By | April 20, 2017

“The thing is, when I got out of college, I had $9,800, but by the end of 1955, I was up to $127,000. I thought, I’ll go back to Omaha, take some college classes, and read a lot—I was going to retire!” […]

★ Partying Our Way Through a 15-Year Mortgage
By | April 20, 2017

“Nicole and I agree to meet every month to create and review a monthly budget. I have dubbed this the ‘budget party’. She does not find it to be much of a ‘party’ per se, but I figured if I call it […]

★ The F*ck It Budgeting System
By | April 19, 2017

“The FIB is a plan. It’s a plan to continue playing defense. It’s a plan to continue to let life happen. Any decisions in step 3, whether good or bad, are met with a resounding F*ck It!” Team Rockstar Bringing you the […]

★ How to Perform a 30-Day Financial Cleanse
By | April 19, 2017

“Psychologically we spend more money when we use plastic versus when we pay with cash. By ditching your credit cards for a month, you’ll force yourself to use cash and start to physically see your money leave your hands as you buy […]

★ A Different Way of Looking at Spending
By | April 18, 2017

“I’ve been trying something new lately where every time I have to spend money on something – whether a need or a want – I try to look at it as I’m ‘supporting’ the place my money’s going to vs. ‘I’m spending […]

★ What to Do If You Can’t Afford to Pay Your Taxes
By | April 18, 2017

“Maybe it’s the old movies of G-Men breaking down your door and making your life miserable. But in reality, the IRS will most likely work with you if you’re being honest about your taxes and situation.” Team Rockstar Bringing you the best […]