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rockstar book reviews

Welcome to our weekly book series! Every Friday we dive into one of our favorite books to help maximize your wealth, your career, and most importantly, your LIFE.

We’re bringing in financial book expert Hélène Massicotte to run this series, and she’ll be covering everything from the classics, to the modern, to the up-and-coming and hot off the presses, in both personal finance and business. If you like books, or even just quick insights, you’ll love this series :)

List of All Books Reviewed So Far:

(Star rating is based on 1-5 scale)


Meet Our Curator of Books:
Hélène Massicotte

helene massicotte book curatorIn 2013, Hélène set out on a personal goal of reading 1,000 books and is currently at over 250 and counting. While she enjoys all genres, her passion lies in non-fiction with a strong focus in personal finance and business/entrepreneurship.

She reads every book thoroughly, and even has a checklist to decide whether the book “counts” or not:

— It has to be read cover-to-cover (no audiobooks!)
— She must make notes of its salient (a.k.a. “juicy”) points
— She has to capture the top quotes that make it unique among its peers

Hélène will be bringing all of this into our review series here, as well as her Rockstar Rating of each book, who they’re for, their readability, what she liked about them and what she didn’t, as well as recommendations for further reading.

An avid reader of Rockstar Finance, Hélène also blogs herself at, and has been featured numerous times on this site for her brilliant content. She will also be releasing her first book within the next year, which she promises to review here as accurately and unbiasedly as all others ;)

You can reach out to her via email, Twitter @freepursue or in our forums at the handle F2P. You can also learn more about Hélène’s fascinating reading process here: How I Read Books

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